she's going to change the world, but she can't change me

"Suddenly I can see everything that's wrong with me,
But what can I do? I'm the only thing I really have."

-Chris Cornell


back, there

All pissy, petulant. Lack of sleep and sustenance and stimili. "What do you want?! You asked me how my fucking day wuz and I'm fucking telling you!" You wanted me to inherit your unrelenting glaring sunshine optimism. I blink and I'm standing by the wiltshire knives... oohhh, "please fulfill me, otherwise kill me." -moz

Lunch with The Father tomorrow. It's been four years since our last meeting. Perhaps I should hire a mediator. Do people not fucking realize how loathesome they become when they spawn? To the very things they spawn, no less. Couples that are falling apart are the most driven to breed.
"Ah honey, a baby would bring us together."
Such loathing!

I need a fucking nap. No, I need a coma. Leave me the fuck alone till the whole goddamn world and the soulsucking death traps that masquerade as "options" don't make me so fucking homi/sui. Cidal.