all down the veins

babe I got you bad



"ah honey I know it's not allowed,
to say I got you bad"

My favourite song on my best of Nick Cave CD keeps skipping. Of course only that one song. I put that album on and put it directly to track eight, and the best part of that song
"..we will know won't we?
The stars would explode in the sky.
But they don't, do they?
stars have their moment, then they die... "
-it skips, madly. I would re-do that quote as it would be heard with skipping, but I can't bring myself to do it.

It doesn't really matter, I suppose, since I have that song right here on my PC, and it doesn't fuck up. But it's a completely different thing to have the CD ...

"outside my window the world has gone to war... are you the one that I've been waiting for?"

My cousin Shareen's website has disappeared completely, never to be found. I'm insulted. Yet... empathetic.
Honey, there's no need anymore. It's already won, isn't it?

How To Take A Fall

I wuz in a mall today. It hurt. I'm still recovering.
But I got my mom's Christmas present. She's the only one I'm getting a gift for, so I'm done. Now the rest of my family can add yet another reason to resent me to their lists. "She only got her mom a present!" (Elliott Smith singing "make me a present..." as I type that.)

There wuz some set of tools that my mom wanted, I wuz looking for it and couldn't find it. When I got home my mom is all excited cuz she bought herself that tool set. I told her I had been looking for it to get her, and she being the strange softy that she is she gave the tool set to me, To give to her, at Christmas. Well, that wuz easy. That's a good way to do this Christmas thing I think. Go buy yourself something, give it to me, I'll wrap it, and give it back to you on Christmas.

"let us drink the stars, it's time to steal away"


I can't sleep and I can't eat. I've got no appetite and I am beyond restless. I AM BEYOND RESTLESS.

That girl is still pursuing me through icq, which says to me she's not worth my time. Bye-bi to "her".