How To Take a Fall

"I'm tired, so tired. I'm tired of having sex."

Damn, that's a good song. Weezer's "Tired of Sex".
You don't hear musicians whining about being tired of sex very often.
"I'm tired of having sex... Why can't I be making love?"



"I just want my chance, but only with you." -Moz

Okay, I have to share this sad little icq conversation that is a prime example of the people who find me through icq (I'm suede):

TJ 12/13/99 7:21 AM u wuz teaching me how to chat with a girl.
TJ 12/13/99 8:20 AM r u there?
SUEDE 12/13/99 4:40 PM Have you aced it yet?
TJ 12/13/99 4:42 PM yeah thanks
SUEDE 12/13/99 4:43 PM grand. I'm proud
TJ 12/13/99 4:44 PM now r u student?
SUEDE 12/13/99 4:45 PM nope. you?
TJ 12/13/99 4:47 PM I am M.Phil in Semiconductor Physics and a computer Professional. working as Senior Scientic Officer in a Public Orgnization. what about u?
SUEDE 12/13/99 4:48 PM Whoah, that sounds pretty intense. Or is it just a fancy name? I'm a... crack dealer.
TJ 12/13/99 4:50 PM what crack dealer? detail plz?
SUEDE 12/13/99 4:51 PM I'm kidding. There have been incredible advances in lame humour since you joined the science world... Where are you from?
TJ 12/13/99 4:52 PM Pakistan
SUEDE 12/13/99 4:55 PM Oh, I don't suppose you have crack dealers there?
TJ 12/13/99 4:57 PM thanks I am not romantic, I never talk to any girl. so that is why I asked u to teach me such things.
SUEDE 12/13/99 4:58 PM I don't even remember this at all. What did I say?
TJ 12/13/99 4:59 PM ok forget it.
SUEDE 12/13/99 4:59 PM forgotten
TJ 12/13/99 5:01 PM thanks

As you can see, this icq thing is hardly a fulfilling means of communication. Would I have even let a conversation like that advance past the 'what the fuck?' begining of "u wuz teaching me how to chat with a girl" in real life? I think not.

There is someone I am missing in icq. Even though we're rather retarded/inept in our icq talks, it's been a couple days since he's been around and I'm getting bored. Of course I could just be aloof about it and not even make mention of it, someone smarter might do that, but I'm getting irritable. And I ..miss him.
(is he near, is he far?)

I'll write more here later, it's too early now.
I'm going to go have a bit of a life, then I'll come back online.