The Beautiful Ones


"I don't believe that I gotta die someday." "And if you gave it to me, I'd hold it up to the light. Like a god, or a good luck charm..." "Love me tenderly my darling... in this city of light and truth."

-PJ Harvey wails away as I type...

I can see the moon

right now, from where I sit. Right out this window here. Lovely. I wuz going to skip this today, thinking I had a pretty mundane, dull, common day. But I realized there are little cool things that happen and I don't mention them. Ostensibly they're not much. But thinking about it, there is beauty, even in these seemingly mundane things.

On Wednesdays one of the kids I take care of has a music lesson. Her teacher just got married. So when she came over today she spent half the lesson showing me her wedding photos. Ordinarily this would feel like... a boring duty. But it effected me, somehow. It wuz so beautiful to watch her be all smiling and giddy as she showed me these photos. And I love that when she shows up to teach she looks for me and tells me what is going on in her life. I'm not sure why but I'm honoured. And I look forward to it. I don't want to talk about myself at all, I just want to listen to her. You should see the photos too. Wow. They are such a fairy tale couple.

Next week she's bringing the video. A video of a wedding, and I actually want to watch it.