a fucking pro


Are you lost? Just start again.

I know I'm lost.

It's okay to admit it. Come on.

Or just go back to that last page, whatever it wuz.

Or that 'bleeding' page.

This girl is whacked.

Or whack. I'm not sure which.



Am listening to Tori's venus, on sugar. God I love this version of this song. So sprawling loose expressive full

I especially love the part where she adds: "YOU'RE JUST A PUSSY." Yes! That gives me a particular thrill cuz a friend of mine once said to me "Only girls and pussies listen to Tori Amos." For the record; that guy wuz quite the pussy himself. I don't understand why he wuzn't a Tori fan... Come on babe, you know you're just a pussy.

I'm still trying to figure out how to use this CD writer of mine. Everyone I've attempted to solicit help from has said "Oh, it's SOOOO easy." Yeah? Then tell me why the fuck it ain't working!

It wuz a lovely day again today. What a bitch, since I had nothing to do really. I went to my music lesson though, and my music teacher called me "THE MOST FRUSTRATED PERSON IN THE WORLD." Wow. Will I get a little statuette for that? A plaque? A medal?

Speaking of which, damn this is funny. I wuz watching "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" last night on the one channel we get, and they did this thing with Atom Egoyan (dir' of The Sweet Hereafter, etc) cuz he just got that "Order of Canada" award. The 22 min' guy is interviewing him:

"So, you just got the order of Canada award. Wow. I mean... whoah. As far as awards go... that is... Well, not really a big deal." Ouch. "I mean, everyone's got one these days." They're in a movie theatre, and they show all the workers there, the kid selling popcorn, the kid taking your ticket, the ushers... and they've each got their own Order of Canada award around there neck. Then we see pitiful Atom going to leave the theatre and he turns to this kid sweeping the floors, who also has the award, and says, as he's being pulled away, "Hey! Where'd you get that?" Oh it's so SAD. Sad-funny.

This is where I say: "I guess you had to be there."