The Drama You've Been Craving

Thursday, July. 13th, 2000

Oh man, I love my job so much. So much that I am now all bummed out that I have two days off. How boring. I want to be working! I have the best fucking job in the world. I've found myself pitying pretty much everyone else. Everyone who doesn't work where I work. Cuz my job is so damned kick-ass cool, fun, awesome. It must suck to not have my job, but you know that, so I won't even say it to your face, cuz it's a given really. And it would be just plain mean to rub it in your face any more than me just being here eminating "I'm so fucking in love with my job" vibes already does. I know how lucky I am. And you know too. So I won't say anything more.

Except that I am one very happy and lucky girl.