but now I'm -

It's all over now baby blue...

Sunday, February. 6th, 2000

you thought i'd care

Terrifying awful dream last night. A Truman Show-Fahrenheit 451 hybrid. I wuz trying to get out but The People in charge would rather I wuz dead than free. Me and a big group of accomplices, running through paths in the woods near my house, and these big machines are coming roaring and crunching after me, to kill me if I resist. They chase me into the ocean, where they try to drown me because I am still trying to escape...

I woke up all trembly in a full-body cold sweat.

"Chaara, you're stressed out.
You're stressed cuz you're bored."

"I have only come here seeking knowledge.
Things they would not teach me of in college."


I'm going offline for awhile.
You are all pissing me off way too goddamned much.
You don't deserve me in the least.