Be Quiet and Drive (far away)

Thursday, Aug.10/2000

taking it all in, just
taking it all in

I wuz walking today. Looking for you. I'm usually looking for you. I find you when I'm not even thinking of looking for you, so I know by now to tell myself I'm looking for you- when I don't want to see you. You won't show up.

Because I know too well what a small and sad and scared pathetic old man you are inside. I don't want to be near you. You are walking death. I don't want anything of you, any memory, any ..object, any thing... of you to touch me.

So mote it be. You are gone.
Dead inside you are and dead to me you are.
You are not my problem. And your judgements of me are based solely in your fear of me. You are weak and afraid and fully lost.

How fucking glad I am I never sold any part of myself for you. Or gave any part of myself to you. How happy I am to be whole and complete and miles away from you. How blessed I am that you are no longer my problem.