- thinks he knows so much

i'm so glad that my memory's remote...
cuz I'm doing just fine

Wednesday, April.19th/2000

I'm missing money. "you said I wuzn't cheap. you paid me twenty pounds" How did I spend $30 in two days? I didn't. Where did it go? Tell me.

What a miserable fucking sleep last night, and what fucking UGLY dreams. Fucking hideous dreams. Fucking revolting dreams. And I wuz wide awake by 10 am. What's with that? I don't long to be concious in the hours before noon.
"I ain't a morning person... we're nothing more than vampires in love."
-Marvelous 3

But I've coped so far. Made a few PHONECALLS. (Good for you, Chaara!) I hate making phonecalls. I'm still just in a bra and pants. A bra. I'm sick of all my shirts, and I don't wear bras, so this is a change. Walking running jumping pacing my house barefoot and in this bra... Pumpkin pie for breakfast. Nothing else to eat. That's fine.

"You Got Me" -Erykah Badu and the Roots, playing now... "Listening to girlfriends, that's exactly the point where the whole world ends. Lies come in. That's where the drama begins."

Got an email from Rob (A.) in Kelowna today. Good to hear his girl-craziness. And good to hear his welcome. I'm heading to Kelowna. Try to get a job. I'm hungry for ROAD, as always. And I am going.