things that stay

I just bought a bunch of albums... I am overwhelmed. I'm surprised I even manage to leave my apartment. I want to rant about each of them. And, damnit, I am going to. Bit by bit.

Emmylou Harris
(produced by Daniel Lanois)

A work of fucking genius. I've been hooked on "Red Dirt Girl" (fucking wonderful album I must ramble about some other time) for months now- I needed another Emmylou fix and this is it. I can't stop listening to this. Over and over again, all day, everyday.

The production is so beautiful, cohesive, mesmerizing, soothing... The whole album flows flawlessly from begining to end. It fits so well into my state of mind lately. (enhancing positive things in me... and opening my mind- to the growth that comes from.. loss?) It feels so expansive, spacious, open and loosening- the whole album.

Just lay there in awe letting it wash over.. And it feels like love. Like The Drug of Love. And I can't get enough.

"I did it for kicks and I did for faith.
I did it for lust and I did it for hate.
I did it for need and I did it for love.
Addiction stayed on tight like a glove."

"The heart opens wide/ like it's never seen love.
And addiction stays on tight like a glove."

~Kristin Hersh~

What a ...weirdo. I love her. Her music sounds... normal from a distance, but you listen for a while and you realize she ain't got her head on straight. I keep thinking of some interview/article I read on her years ago that mentioned her three sons, her Lithium prescriptions, the ghosts that she sees and talks to, and the attempts by authorities to take her children away from her, (due to the Lithium and the ghosts and the rock band presumably). (she used to be Throwing Muses' leader). She's a bona fide freak. And I mean that in the best possible way. wow. Whatever madness she is tapped in to gives her amazing songwriting powers. Fearlessness. She is mighty.

"I'm lying on the couch
scary memories fill my mouth.
How did I love a breaking thing?
How did I sleep through a kidnapping?"

"You were nice, but twisted/ This lame, old story.
We were a match made/ in Purgatory.