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Mount Weiss: The Odd Link Or Two..

The links page. These are links to a few of my friends pages and many wonderful Pretender sites out there on the web. If you'd like to have me add a link to your page, give me a yell. The links on the left are Pretender related and the others are either friends' or just some pages they recommend.
I stress that I am not responsible for any offence, inconvenience or anything else caused by visiting these pages. I only list them and it is YOUR choice to click on them, without any due force by me or anyone else and YOU choose to view the site's contents. Just keep that in mind while searching.

Mount Weiss (hey I gotta start somewhere!)
Mount Weiss. The site which you are at now.

NBC's Pretender Adventure
NBC's Official 'Pretender Adventure'. Sign up at the Centre with your own ID and office, missions to follow and a Pretender to catch! (Except I think NBC took it off, maybe)

Lois' Daily Planet Pretender Site
This is a great site. Has tons of information, detailed episode synopses, articles an almost every character, pictures, bios and a whole lot more!

Jamie Denton's Offical Site (hosted by Lois)
Equally great. Has all the info, filmography, biography, pictures you can possibly find on Jamie Denton! And any mail you send here is read by the man himself, no kidding!

Patrick Bauchau Offical Website
Pics, filmography on this talented actor. Also has some great garden shots.

Becci-B's Michael T. Weiss Page
Cool stuff on the Pretender himself Michael T. Weiss. Becci also designs stuff so if you need a page or banner designed this is the place to go!

Jon Gries
Find out about this nervous computer technician and all the highlights of his wonderful career.

Sue's Pretender Scrapboook
Heaps of Pretender friendly information, pictures and a whole lot more. Highly recommended!

Do you want YOUR site here?
If this is the case then e-mail me and request that your webpage be here! I would gladly have your site here, as long as you add a link to your site too!

Banj's Place of Worship
About Paul McDermott, host of Australia's satirical comedy Good News Week

The Rubber Room
Collection of poems written by Corinne, may also be a section on Paul McDermott

Newcastle Knights' Official Page
Everything you need to know about Newcastle Knights, rugby league team from Australia's National Rugby Leauge (NRL). Includes biographies, pictures, statistics and more

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