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The Night the Board Was Frozen

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This is the complete and near-original copy of the story that was collectively written during the last hours of the Well Engaged Babylon 5 Message Boards. Every part of the story so far contributed is included. The authors so far are myself (Garibaldi), MajorButtons/FTM, Lindaru, Reebo, Sargesatt, and Security Chief Jones.


"Mr Garibaldi, throw me over one of those PPGs you're always talking about, will you!"



She strides off into the distance, clutching a big, shiny red bucket in her left hand.

(Sniffs the air) "Hmmm... doughnuts and coffee...That means they can't be very far away."

*Boof* (kicks open a door)

Inside the room, twelve men, clad in weird but seemingly innocuous Laura Ashley dresses, are crouched round a table, muttering and chuckling to themselves.

"Oh, sorry to disturb you. Haven't seen any Suits, have you?"

"You mean like this one?!" (Rips open tasteless flowery pinafore dress to reveal even more tasteless pinstriped suit, complete with lurid Bugs Bunny tie, before brandishing an even bigger PPG and leaping over the table.)

"Err.. yes, actually...Well, you're not gonna take me alive!"

She gets in quick and fires her PPG first...but nothing happens.

"Dammit, it's jammed!"

*clack* *zwoosh*


Hit by a searing light, she falls to the ground, her bucket rolling forlornly away from her...

"Ah ha ha ha ha ha, ah ha ha ha ha ha" x 12, as the Suits step over her motionless body and scarper.

"Th.....There's some...thing...I need to...tell you all...Boo...urgh...Booji is not...he's not who you.... thi...please,...the bucke.........."

A small sigh and then complete silence.


The stillness is eventually broken by a pitiful tinny cry...


Then another...


Something tiny and dazed rolls out of the abandoned Booji bucket.

"Um...are you there?"

It picks itself up and notices the broken remains of what was once ftm.

"No! What am I going to do now? Who will give me prawns?!"

Suddenly, the fluffy little creature draws itself to its full height (which is not very big at all) and a flash of vengeful purpose lights up its eyes.

"From now on, I shall be known as MajorButtons. I will take my rightful place as heir to the Great Booji Hunter. Vengeance shall be mine! (Only, it will have to be on the other Bulletin Board from now on.)

And off she poodles, traversing many toolbars, icons and go-to buttons, in her quest for the Promised Land...

ftm!!!! No!!!!! gun failed her. I warned them all not to use anything but the religious icon, I have only revenge!!!!!!!!

(grabs the keys to Delta 6 and flies into cockpit)

"Garibaldi---what are you doing?!"

"Open Cobra bay doors."

"Garibaldi! No! We need to make a coordinated strike!"

"Computer, manual override authorization Garibaldi 007. Open Bay doors."

"Acknowledged, opening Cobra Bay doors."

(shoots off into space)

"GARIBALDI!!! Look OUT!!!!!"

(jump gate opens, massive ship comes flying through, Delta 6 hit by ship's radar dish and goes flying)

Computer: "Systems critical. Eject non-functional. Weapons off-line. Power at 21% and falling. Engines near-critical."

"No...not like this!"

(aligns Delta 6 with ship)

"Go to hell you bastar---ahhhhh!"

(bright beam of light catches delta 6 and throws it into ship's hangar. Garibaldi passes out)

(eyes flutter open. Garibaldi awakes, chained to a cross and bleeding from mouth)

(suit approaches and kicks him in face. suit takes off hood) "Wait---I know you...You're..."

(kicks again)

"I'm Mr. Warner, but that is unimportant. We found this weapon in your ship. You will tell us what it does."

"Go to hell"

(kicks again)

"You will tell us what it does, now, Mr. Garibaldi."

(spits on suit)

(suit laughs, takes gun and fires one shot. Chain holding Garibaldi snaps, falling to the ground. Suit drops gun on floor and steps back)

(Garibaldi breathes heavily...then looks suit in eyes)


(Garibaldi flies up with gun in hand...unsnaps safety catch...aims and pulls trigger...nothing happens...suit laughs maniacally)

"My associates emptied all but one bullet of your ammo before they gave the weapon to me. Now that you have shown us where the safety catch is, we can begin to produce these weapons on a mass scale and sell them retail all around the world."

(Garibaldi grins)

"Goodbye, Mr. Warner."

(Garibaldi lifts gun and points to head. Closes eyes...the room goes one moves)

(Garibaldi pounds little red button with fist and goes flying behind cross as PPG blasts pound at wood and interceptor begins count-down.)

(laughs as he goes running down hall, tailed by screaming suits and burning blasts of PPG fire)

Interceptor: "8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1..."

(Garibaldi rounds corner, hangar in sight, when he is thrown against the wall. The sound of crunching metal erupts behind him and the air begins to flow down the hall...Garibaldi picks himself up and begins to run...torent grows as hull breach widens...almost at Delta 6...)

(Garibaldi grabs side of Delta 6 just as the air is sucked out from underneath him and he is picked off his feet. Suddenly the artificial gravity goes in a huge explosion...weightless and breathless Garibaldi pulls himself into cockpit and seals hatch just as his eyes begin to freeze over and the blood in his face bubbles to his skin...)

(flips to maximum thrust and is almost knocked unconscious by sudden acceleration...just as he clears hangar bay doors the ship expodes violently...a piece of debris slams into Delta 6, sending it flying in a shower of sparks and flames)


(Garibaldi yells as the rear of Delta 6 disappeares in a white-hot spray of plasma, the force of its detonation sending Garibaldi's ejection pod shooting off into the night at an unbearable speed...)

Personal Log of Security Chief Jones, First Entry as Active Chief-

"Security Officer's Log: Acting Chief Jones"

"It's been a pretty normal day around here so far. Well, if you use the word 'normal' loosely, real loosely. Around here we can pretty much always count on at least one Narn-Centauri incident, in this case only a battle of words; two Drazi transport captains complaining about the customs procedures, three today isn't so bad; and some petty theft around the Zoccalo, only one attempted shoplift today so far, and he got caught. All in all, pretty quiet around the station, by our standards. I have noticed a few more suits around than usual, but they just kinda hang around on the peripherals for the most part. They're not really doin' anything wrong, just makin' everybody a little uncomfortable is all."

"Zack is still laid up with that broken knee. The doc says it'll be a while before he's up and about again. Personally, I think he's hamming it up for the extra paid time off, but hey, I'm acting chief, being suspicious is part of the job."

"I've been hearing some pretty weird things over the last twenty minutes or so as I've been recording my log. People are saying that Ivanova isn't coming back and that she transferred off station to a Warlock class ship and that Captain Lochley is a permanent replacement, which might not be so bad if she actually had a personality, but she's still no Ivanova. Marcus is dead, or in a coma. I've heard both. Somebody even said that David Sheridan was playing with some matches and burned up John and Delenn's quarters . . . what is this 'A Very Special Babylon 5'? Normally I'd think it's just the usual batch of station rumors, you know, like last year when people were sayin' that G'Kar became a woman to seduce Londo... please, but these suits bein' around, well, kinda makes you wonder. End Security Officer's Log."

"Well, I think I'm gonna go take a look around the station, see what's really going on."

Nothing I had heard could prepare me for what I saw in the casino . . .

Lindaru was awakened by the fighting outside . . . White Stars and Star Furies . . . even Delta Squadron was blasting in the darkness. She crawled tentatively out of the hole in the wall next to the elevator in brown sector. She had been so delighted that Booji had seen her through the bewitching hour . . . the data crystal . . . it had made it safely but then there was the toxic fumes through the ventilation system that had put her to sleep.

She heard something coming down the corridor. "Mew" and the dragging of something metal. Was it a trap? She knew she was in the last hours and would chance seeing what it was. "A kitten! It is dragging a bucket . . . could it be *the* bucket?" She dared not hope. She picked up the kitten and there was an instant bond . . . telepathically the kitten informed her of the loss of FTM and that its name was Major Buttons, the new Hunter for the Temple of Booji. "I must get us out of here . . . but now is not a good time. Too many suits! Too many G.D. suits!" We must get help.

Slowly, Lindaru, hiding Major Buttons inside the bucket, crept along the eerie corridors. Reaching the elevator, she stepped slowly inside, making sure no one saw her. "C&C" she whispered to the computer.

The elevator stopped and Lindaru stepped out. Major Buttons was restless under her jacket. She carefully lifted the claustrophobic kitten out of the bucket, looking for signs of the evil suits. Major Buttons jumped free and landed on the floor. Lindaru went over to the console, looking for anything that might stop the inevitable destruction of this station. Major Buttons sniffed the air and her hair stood straight up. Garibaldi was in trouble! Lindaru did not even notice the kitten slip through the door towards her first hunt.

She took command of the controls on the console of C&C. A face appeared on the Babcom screen . . . it was "OldenOne"! "OldenOne!" Lindaru cried, "You must save us! You are the only one who has been in this universe since its creation! Lorien and Zathras will not respond to our cries!" OldenOne asked Lindaru where the data crystal had been sent. Lindaru gave the secret address.

Lindaru assured OldenOne that if she would help, all could be saved from total destruction.

Meanwhile, Major Buttons searched for something yummy for his tummy . . .

(Garibaldi started laughing. He laughed and laughed and laughed, and couldn't stop. It was just so funny to him.)

(The air was running low, within minutes he would pass out, yet right there in plain view was Babylon 5, his sanctuary! And nothing he could do, he was moving away from it at over 50,000 kilometers an hour!)

(His throat began to hurt. Reaching down into the vest pocket of Delta 6's cockpit, he pulled out a flask of whiskey. He had no more than put the flask to his lips than the whole world started to dim...taking a drink he doze...)

Computer: "Collision warning. Pull away."

"Stupid piece of garbage! (he chuckled) There ain't anythin' in B5 space! We've only got 20 hours to live! You worthless piece of ---"

(Garibaldi suddenly flew through the cockpit glass, and everything went dark.)

(He awoke leaning out of his shattered cockpit. Surprised to be alive, he looked around before he even moved an inch. Above him, teetering haphazardly, a large shard of glass swung from its fixture...getting looser every second.) (It snapped, falling towards his neck. He jerked up out of the way and slipped, spilling out onto an unfamiliar surface.)

(Dazed, he looked up. It was a Drazi ship, very damaged. It was especially torn up in the area where his Star Fury's pod had collided with it. Luckily, Drazi used a petroleum-based metal for their ships, and the tattered hull had stretched to accomodate the intruding pod, seemlessly seeling it off from the terrible forces of the vacuum outside. Suddenly a face came into view, a face Garibaldi knew pretty well.)

"Hi Booji." He said weerily. "Where's your bucket?"

"Michael? What in the bloody hell are you doing here...and who's Booji?"

The Builder (Reebo) Personal Log: Sun 02 Aug '98 (02:59 PM)

Garibaldi was gone and Major Buttons, who was supposed to pilot starfury 5, wasn't here yet. We needed to launch now. Delta squadron and three whitestars were wating for my siginal. We needed another pilot. Then I saw a tech. heading down the hall.Hey I said What's your name? My name?, my name's Bo he said. Well Bo you are now an honorary pilot, get in Delta 9. I replyed.

Now we were out in space, fighting fire with fire, defendeing our beloved station. I saw the suits ships the long dark evil ships, blue, black, brown, some had pinstripes. Squadron, Whitestars, fire at will, I ordered into my com. Then the firing came, it was like swarms of bees all over you, Booji must have been protecting me none of the shots hit. Delta 9 ejecting my com.

suddenly screemed. I saw him eject over by one of the suits ships How did he get over there? The remanes of his ship hit the dish on the ship and the dish went up in a burst of fire. Now the ship was moving akwardly forward trying to make it seem as if nothing was wrong. It can't comunicate with the other ships I realised. All ships consontrate on the blue enimy ship. I ordered, and whitestar 40 pick up Delta 9 if you don't mind. Fire, I fired and fired then It went up in flames It was gone. I spun the ship around and in front of me were two suit ships and they were both locked on to me.

The Builder (Reebo) Personal Log: Sun 02 Aug '98 (04:11 PM)

My mind raced what was I supposed to do? My hands jamed the controlls I recited my prayers in my head over and over I saw the shots coming then boom! two bright firey blossoms iginited in front of me Two Drazi ships zoomed out of hyperspace firing, they were the ones who saved me. Booji had sent them. Static came over my com. I had to get back to the station something was calling me there. With out a word I flew out of the fight and docked back at the station. I left my fighter charging and walked down the hall to the tube. C&C I wispered.

"Michael! You're drunk!"

"I am not...I only had a sip!"

"Don't lie to me! I can smell it all over you!"

"You sound like my ex-wife."

(Unfortunately, Marcus was right. He was covered in alchohol. Looking over, he could see that the bottle of whiskey he had had in his hand was shattered and sprayed all across the cockpit, wall and floor. He had slipped on it and fallen right into a puddle.)

(A Drazi walked in puffing a nice big cigar and sighing happily and heavily with each breath. His costume looked identical to Marcus's, signifying a Ranger, but he seemed a bit more layed-back and casual. As he walked by he flicked the ashes from his cigar.)

(Garibaldi watched in terror as a cloud of flames mushroomed up all around him. When the cloud dissapated near the ceiling he could see that he, the ship, and the ignorant Drazi were on fire.)

(Rolling frantically, he managed to put himself out before it burned through his clothes to his skin, but the Drazi was not so lucky. His thick robes went up like a month-old christmas tree.)

(Marcus stared in disbelief as the figure dropped and burnt to cinders before his eyes.)

"Look," Marcus said sadly,"his Ranger pin is crying!"

"It's melting you fool."

"So you're saying that you are the real Marcus and the other Marcus, the one that died, was really an ancient Vorlon God named Booji who looked just like you except for a red bucket that he would put on his head at night so he could recharge his powers?"

"That's it Michael! You got it!"

"And you just now got here to warn us that Shadows were about to attack a Ranger training planet within Drazi space?"


(Garibaldi made a break for the window to jump out by Marcus caught him and forced him to the ground.)

"It's not as crazy as it seems, Michael!"

"Let me go! I gotta get outta here before I choke on the insanity!"

"Look out there! Then you'll believe me!"

(Garibaldi got up and looked out the window. A Big blue swirly thing that looked kinda like a jump gate except that it was 2d and always looked the same from any angle stared him right in the face. He wasn't sure what to make of it.)

"See, I came through there when I realized how little time we have. I have to replace Booji here before the gate is frozen. If Booji doesn't get back, all of Booji's followers will be grief- stricken and all their work will have been in vain!"

(Garibaldi sighed and kicked some of the K.F.D. [Kentucky Fried Drazi] out of his way. He walked to the cockpit of the Sunhawk and pointed the ship towards the station.)

"We're a ways out. It'll take awhile. When did you say we have till?" "11 O'clock. You can get some sleep, Michael. I'll keep watch for tonight." "See you bright and early tomorrow morning!"

Personal Log of Security Chief Jones, Entry 2-

"What is this awful program?! What happened to Three? Where is Sheridan?!" Londo was yelling at the top of his lungs. The suits just stood by in the corner, silent, watching.

"Londo, Sheridan has nothing to do with the programming on the Bab-Com units, you know that," I told him.

"Pah! Earthers, no sense of taste. This is your idea of entertainment . . . this Seventh Heaven?"

"Londo . . ."

"It is so . . . boring! It is like going to the royal palace after it has been redecorated and watching the paint dry! There are so many other, more exciting things, that you could be doing, and a Centauri would be doing them!" Londo rambled on.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a suit reach inside his pinstriped jacket. I tensed, fearing he was reaching for a weapon. Our eyes met, and locked, for a moment . . . then he did it. He got a pen and started writing something down on a thick pad of paper. I relaxed and focused my attention back on the situation at hand. Londo was still rambling on . . .

". . . And Kelly Kelly, it is not funny! They call it 'the new family sit-com', and I know from Mr. Garibaldi that 'sit-com' means that it is supposed to be funny, but it isn't! And what do they mean 'new'? If there are other family sit-coms, why do we need a 'new' one? It is just like all the others, except that it isn't funny at all!"

Suddenly Londo doubled over in pain. I quickly called Dr. Franklin to get a med-team to the casino, not knowing it was already too late. Long, thin, things started falling out of Londo's jacket, six of them, and they looked like . . . oh my God!

"Alright, everybody just move out of the way," a voice called out from behind me. Recognizing it as Dr. Franklin's voice, I quickly stepped aside to let him examine his patient. Londo was just lying there on the floor, breathing heavily, and obviously in pain. After a rapid examination of Londo, Dr. Franklin was looking pretty worried. Then, one of Londo's fingers fell off. "My God Stephen, what's happening to him?"

"I'm afraid it's Centauran Falisatitus Syndrome. It's like leprosy, but it's spread sexually. The patient slowly loses all limbs, starting with those infected first, then spreading to the rest of the body, until he dies. There is no known cure at present."

I couldn't help but look at the six fallen appendages as he said this. My God, I mean, Londo wasn't exactly the easiest person to get along with, but Centauran Falisatitus? This was too much, even for Londo.

"What do you mean 'no known cure', Dr. Franklin?" Londo wheezed, pathetically from the floor.

"Just that Londo. I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do."

Just then, Londo's eyes closed for the very last time. It was a touching moment, and silence reigned in the normally cacaphonous casino. Eyes were glazed with tears at the thought of . . . wait a minute . . . this is almost starting to sound like a very special episode of Babylon 5! I whirled to find the suit with the pen. It shouldn't be too hard to find that disgusting paisley tie with the blue pinstripe suit . . . men, no sense of decorum. Our eyes made contact, then he clicked the pen, placed it back inside his pocket, and started to walk away . . . pad firmly in hand. I walked over to where he was. I wanted to see that pad.

"Excuse me, you, in the suit with that hurt lookin' tie, I'd like to have a word with you," I said to the suit.

"I'll have you know that this tie cost me more than you'll make in a year, doll."

That did it, expensive doesn't imply that it looks good, or goes with the jacket - and just precisely who is he callin' doll? "I want to see that pad."


"Hand over the pad . . . now!"

At this point Dr. Franklin walks over to me and says, "What's going on over here? A man just died a horribly painful death, and you want to know what that nice man in the suit is writing about?"

"Stephen, he was writing in that pad just as Londo suddenly became ill, and he called me doll! He's a suit. I don't trust him." With that I turned back to the suit, who had dissappeared just as Dr. Franklin 'conveniently happened' to disturb me. Coincidence my ass! Something just wasn't right here.

The Hit Man stood over the bodies of the cast of 7th Heaven, a warm PPG in his hands, and a slight smile on his lips. His link beeped. "Go," he said.

"This is Lindaru in C&C. We need you! Garibaldi is on a Drazi ship, MajorButtons is looking for food, all OldenOne wants to do is watch, and we can't find Booji! Help!"

"On my way!" The Hit Man turned to go, only to find a suit stepping out of the (S)hadows with a wicked grin and gleaming red eyes. "You killed our best show! I'm gonna..."

His eyes bulged as a third eye appeared on his forehead. As he crumpled to the floor, the Hit Man said to his smoking PPG, "Too much talk, eh Reefa? Let's go!"

Before he could take a step, a blinding blue light enveloped him. He thought to himself, "We live for the One, we die for the One," as he heard a voice say, "Oh Boy!"

Lindaru watched the com screen go blank. What had happened to Sarge? The image had just faded so abruptly. Did Sarge get the urgent message.

What were the Procrastinator and the Ancient One planning? That swirly blue thing out in space no longer looked like a jump gate but rather a vortex or a worm hole. Had it been disguised on purpose?

"Babylon Control!" Lindaru jumped at the sudden command being heard behind her. It was an authoritative female voice . . . young but strong.

"This is Babylon Control," Lindaru responded.

"Is everyone ready to gather as planned?"

"Yes," Lindaru responded hesitantly. "Is this the Ancient One?"

There was a short burst of laughter. "No Babylon I am Captain Susan Ivanova."

"Nice gun, Michael, but we're not exactly hunting Rhinos."

"Shut up and open the lock."

(Their breeching pod hissed as it ripped through the hull of Babylon 5 and slowly drilled through. When it reached empty space, the airlock opened. Garibaldi and Marcus climbed up through the floor into a wide expanse that had once been a bar in the Zocolo. Now it was a graveyard.)

(This area had once been bustling with activity: people running errands, old friends talking of the times, soldiers salting the wounds of the war. But now the lights were dimmed, some broken, and bodies blanketed the floor. All of the people who had refused to leave when they were told, mostly Earth Force and Babylon 5 security, had been slaughtered. The suits that they had taken with them lay scattered in ragged heaps. It had been almost 3 to 1.)

"Get up you loser!"

"I'm praying. A lot of people died today, trying to protect this place that they loved."

(Disgruntled, Garibaldi started out across the river of blood and bodies, collecting the dog-tags of his friends and allies. Stuffing the tattered chains into his pockets, he called to Marcus.)

(As they started out of the bar and turned the corner they saw a suit. Surprised, it saw them and broke into a run, screaming and swinging its claws. Thinking quickly, Garibaldi switched to shotgun mode and BLAM! the suit did a flip, landing on his head, as most of his neck and face sprayed out in a sickening blood-red wave.)

(Breathing relief, they took a few steps. Suddenly, the arm of the suit started to twitch, then the leg, the the dismembered head. It slowly got to its feet then started limping hungrily towards Marcus and Garibaldi...)

Lindaru stood at the console in a daze. Could it really be Captain Ivanova speaking to her or was it one of The Suits trying to trick her?

It was only a matter of hours before the destruction of the station. Lindaru headed for the appointed meeting place. Along the way she nearly tripped over . . . was that Sarge bruised and bleeding on the floor? She bent close to him. He was still alive. She must get to Med Lab right away.

Personal Log of Securit Chief Jones, Entry 3-

"Stephen, haven't you noticed anything strange lately?"

"Define 'strange'."

"I mean strange even for Babylon 5, Londo developing this strange disease at the drop of a hat, I really haven't seen Ivanova . . ."

"That would be because of her transfer, since Marcus is beyond our reach . . ." "You mean, that's also true?"

"Yes! It's been absolutely tear jerking! Thank goodness Captain Lochley is here now to . . ."

"You mean you like her?!" It's even worse than I thought.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"The suits, they've even gotten to you!"

"Nobody has 'gotten to' me Jones, and even if they did, I won't even be here much longer. I've got a sweet gig back on earth, it will keep me off station unfortunately, but it's got great benefits!"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I just had to get away from this insanity he was spewing! The suits even got to Franklin. Zack is out of commission, Ivanova left us, Marcus is in a coma, Londo is dead, Franklin is leaving too . . . this can only mean one thing . . . budget cuts! The suits have decided that the actors from the first four seasons are making too much money, so they've decided to replace everybody and bring in second rate actors for less pay. It's all becomming clear now, Lochley for Ivanova, Byron for Marcus, oh the humanity!

What's worse is that they don't even see it. They are so well scripted that they believe it all. I guess that being a side character has it's privilages after all. We're not as carefully scripted, so we see what's really happening here! I have to do something! I must find someone to help us!

(All of the dead suits in the other room had started to awaken. The whole mob began to slowly make their way towards the pair.)

"This is not what I need."

(Garibaldi's gun started blaring and guts flew everywhere. But the group persisted and Garibaldi ran out of bullets. He switched to rockets just as Marcus un-sheathed his pike and started beheading the zombie-Suits. But the corpses continued after them, and they were backed against a wall with no hope of breaking through. Garibaldi had switched to flame-throwing, but the fuel tank for his Interceptor was nearly empty.)

"I have an idea, cover me!"

(Garibaldi through his gun up and Marcus caught it. Grabbing a pipe, Garibaldi began hitting the wall. A piece broke off, and reaching through the hole he was able to reach some wires. He quickly attached them to his link.)

"Attention." He called through his hand. "Mike's Floral is having a going out of business sale. Get five pounds of roses for only 100 credits!"

(The mob of suits, nearly on top of them, suddenly turned and flocked down the hall, running and pushing, trying to be the first in line.)

"I don't get it." Marcus said, baffled. "Mike's floral is in the other direction."

"They're not trying to get roses you dummy. They rushing off to buy the store. Now we have to hurry to med-lab, it won't be long before they figure out that Mike's floral went out of business weeks ago!"

"You two really do look alike. I wish I had a picture of this."

(The two had pulled Booji out of his cryo-unit and propped him against the wall.)

"I don't get it..." Marcus said thoughtfully. "How are we suppose to awaken him?"

(They thought for a moment then both looked at each other and exclaimed in unison.)

"The bucket!"

(They both ran out of medlab and began to frantically search the surrounding area. Nothing. Then, as Garibaldi rounded a corner, he saw a kitten atop a dead Suit. It was clawing at his face and meowing. Over to the side of the hall was a bright red bucket. Garibaldi moved towards the bucket when suddenly the kitten jumped off its prey and grabbed the bucket's handle in its mouth and dragged it out of reach. Every time Garibaldi moved towards the animal it would take a cautious step back.)

"Here kitty kitty. Come here... Get over here cat!"

(The kitten hissed at him and took off. Just as it was about to disappear into the distance Marcus jumped in front of it. The kitten schreeched to a halt and started rubbing against Marcus's leg. He brought the bucket over to Garibaldi.) "It's the full head of hair. Girls really go for it." (Garibaldi sneered and followed him to Medlab.)

When Lindaru got to Med Lab, everything had been smashed. A strange piece of fabric lay on the floor. It was one of The Suit's neckties! Lindaru looked at it and a thought came to her. She snatched the medicines and stims needed to bring back Sarge. She had one more stop to make . . . a stop that would get some unwitting help for their side. She looked at the tie once more before stuffing it in her jacket pocket.

Yes. Purple!

After seeing that Sarge was revived and feeling better, Lindaru headed over to where the Suits were stationed next to the Drazi.

She had but to fling the purple necktie at the right moment. The plan? Set off a fire alarm on this level, drop the purple necktie in front of the Suits' door . . . and run!!!!!

"What was that?!"

"Sounded like debris hitting the outer hull. There's some kind of fight going on out there."

(Garibaldi , Marcus, and the kitten broke into a run and made it to the Medlab in record time. But once they had gotten there and opened the doors they found several suits scavenging around, one of whom had Booji's arm in its mouth.)


(Garibaldi tossed the bucket so that it landed right smack on Booji's head. With a jolt, the figure bounced up and stumbled around for a second. The suits all stood still and stared at the sight. Suddenly Booji realized that he was missing his left arm, and became furious. He summoned an odd looking multi-colored square device and threw it on the floor. The suits, amazed, all gathered around the contraption. It lifted in the air, starting spinning, then shot lightning out of all of its sides, frying all the suits in a nanosecond. It then returned to the spot on the floor and sat idly.)

"Good work, Mr. Rubix Cube. Michael, my Great Defender, could you throw me 'The Hand of Booji'?"

(Garibaldi tossed Booji's arm to him. He super-glued it in place and then waved his hand and the Rubix Cube disappeared.)

"Booji," Marcus said, "we have to get you to the other side, quickly, before-" (A suit wandered in, and with a blink of Booji's eye it turned to ash.)

"-you are frozen here forever."

"Ok." Booji said in a tone that would make mortal women all over the universe faint. "But promise me you two will get out. There is someone you have to talk to, Marcus."

(Booji blinked again a Marcus's head glowed for a brief second then returned to normal. Stunned Marcus looked up in awe.)

"I remember it all -- everything you ever did. I -- I have to talk to Ivanova!"

(Booji smiled, nodded, and then passed through the floor. A couple seconds later they heard a sound like a gong and knew that Booji had made it safely through the wormhole/jumpgate thingie. It was now up to them to get back safely.)

After Lindaru started the Drazi attacking the Suits over the purple tie, she snuck back to the Sarge on the floor and dragged him to the Zocalo where they were awaiting Ivanova to tell them what to do.

Lindaru got to the Zocalo. Ivanova had Vorlon ships and White Stars ready to transport all of the faithful Booji followers of the temple from the station. Everyone boarded the ships and prepared to depart through the jump gate.

Wait a minute! Who is that piloting the lead Vorlon ship? Under Ivanova's command, there sat WBAlan, The Great Watcher. Everyone took their places and relaxed. They were going home.

(The kitten, who they had recently found out was named MajorButtons, led the way. After a bit of walking and a couple of suit-attacks, they came to a hall filled with fighting suits and Drazi. The kitten ran through the chaos merrily, but Marcus and Garibaldi decided they couldn't fit under the Green Leader's legs so easily, so decided they would go around the fight. They quickly proceeded to the hangar where they found it ripped up and battered, but one Minbari Flier was still there. They jumped in and shot out of the hangar bay as fast as they could. A starfury, in a hurry to reach a fleet of ships that was about to pass through the wormhole, passed them obliviously.)

(Suddenly, the largest suit ship they had ever seen, with huge swirly-green tentacles and a glowing orb of plasma at its core. As they passed it, a huge, blinding beam shot out towards the station.)


(Garibaldi cried as the beam reached Babylon 5 and tore a piece out of the Cobra Bay. The energy from the beam traveled up the tangles of metal, burning as bright as the sun, destroying their home. Suddenly, Booji appeared before the flier.)


Personal Entry of Reebo The Builder, Last Entry-

Jeeze I sneek out of a fight to help and no-ones here. Just then I see Vorlon ships and WhiteStars leaving. They're going with out me! I rush out of C&C and in hastely doing so set off the atomatic defence grid. Down the hall in to the bay ok I'm out in space, thank Booji they'er going slow. Around me I see suit ships blowing up. I grab a lost kitten as I run. Almost there, Made it!!!!! My com crackles Reebo glad to see you made it Was that Ivonova?! And yes I had made it.

(They heard it in their minds. Pushing the damaged Flier as fast as it would go, they watched as the fleet of ships went through the wormhole unharmed. Looking back, the energy from the blast had just reached the actual station, and was about to destroy it in one big reactor breech. Suddenly, without warning, the whole scene stopped, the flames stood still in space. The debris didn't move an inch. It was as is time had frozen. Then they saw it.)

(Snaking out from the station, Booji rode on a river of ice cubes. The Suit Fun-Killer Ship saw this and tryed to escape, pulling back into a jumpgate. They fired their main gun one more time, aiming it at the oncoming ice that had preserved the station for all time. When it hit, Booji laughed and the spray of ice traveled right up the beam and froze the ship in place. Over the radio Marcus and Garibaldi heard the cries of suits being frozen in time, archived forever.)

"We're not going to make it!" Marcus yelled, looking back at the oncoming surge of cubes.

(Booji appeared inside the ship. He pressed several buttons on the console and then his finger lit up. With a bright flash and a near-fatal acceleration, the ship blew ahead of the close stream of ice. When they were at the rim of the wormhole Booji disappeared.)

(They passed through the wormhole just as it froze over. They could see the side which had once been their home now preserved for all eternity. They joined the fleet of ships with their last remaining power and docked. As they stepped out onto the floor of the Vorlon Cruiser, they were greeted by all their friends.)


(The kitten came flying and knocked Marcus to the ground. Everyone laughed and the festivities began.)

"Well," said the Teacher. "It's over. We just have to move on and see where fate takes us."

"Let's just hope there are better t.v. shows where we end up," Sarge said, and everyone laughed again.

"And less suits," Garibaldi added. "Did you know they tryed to market my Holy Icon?! Sometimes I just wanna-"

"You'll live Garibaldi!"

(Marcus went across the room and introduced himself, to the amazement of Ivanova. She hugged him and they went off into another room to talk things over. WEAlan, as always, was doing a great job Watching. The others dragged him into the party, and found at that he was actually a very good dancer. Who knew?)

(As the morning turned to afternoon and then to evening, everyone started to wonder where they were. Just after dawn they had decided to open a jump gate and find out. WEAlan, however, decided he could not stay.)

"I will see you all beyond the rim." He said, then pulled away in the Flier and disappeared into the swirling amber clouds.

(One day, Garibaldi thought to himself, we'll see him again.)

Log of Security Chief Jones, Last Entry-

Just then I heard a loud explosion! I could feel the air rushing down the corridor. There must be a breach in the hull! I had to think fast. If there was a hull breach, then the air was rushing toward it. Quickly I determined what direction I would need to be travelling in to escape the suction from the breach. Med Lab was on this level, and in the direction that I had to travel to escape the station. There was still time to save Marcus, who was at this moment in cryo, and get to the cobra bay. Fighting the rush of wind down the corridor, I slowly made my way to Med Lab. Fights were breaking out all over the station, security officers were being written out of the show everywhere! Fatal wounds delivered with a mere scribble, I guess the pen is mightier than the PPG! I forged ahead as there was nothing I could do to help them. I arrived in Med Lab just in time to witness a miracle. Marcus was there, alive! But wait, isn't that also Marcus frozen in a now open cryo tube, and just what is Michael doing with that bucket?

Before I knew what was happening, the bucket was thrown, and landed squarely on the head of the frozen Marcus, and a name whispered across my mind, "Booji". Booji told me that I must save myself, as anyone from the old station posting boards was now considered expendable by the suits. We had to carry on! Booji assured me that all was taken care of in Med Lab, and so I followed where he led.

I made my way to the Cobra Bay and quickly strapped myself into my Star Fury. Just in time the hatch closed as suction started to drag anything that wasn't latched down out of the bay. I initiated the launch sequence, and manuevered my ship out of the bay, only a moment too late. As the bay doors opened, a large piece of debris came hurtling through them from the battle outside. Wait! That's no ordinary debris, it's Captain Lochley! She must have been sucked out of her quarters when the hull breached! The station's rotation brought the Cobra Bay doors into her flight path! Captain Lochley came smashing into my forward hull, right through the glass. Time was running out for me as the air was slowly leaking out of my ship. If it wasn't for the space suit, I would've been done for. I was able to get my fury out of the line of battle, but what lay ahead of me was unknown.

Then I heard him speak again, in Marcus' voice, "Run Jones, run! You must get to the worm hole before it's too late!" I plotted the course that Booji told me and prayed to Booji that the others would make it out alive.

The mysterious 'worm hole', as Booji had named it, opened up in all of its two dimensional glory, and my ship entered it. Time seemed to stand still until I found myself staring at the impossible - a new Babylon station! The new station was not quite as well built as the old one, but when the others arrived I knew that we could make this place our last, best hope for good conversation!

The last thing I heard before being rescued was this thought: "Go Jones, and become Chief Jones, Security Chief for the Temple of Booji." As Booji has commanded, so I have done.

(They came out of the sky-blue jumpgate to a world they had thought was gone. There in front of them, was Babylon 5. It was smaller, completely gray, and the lines to get inside were staggering, but it was still home.)

(The com-screen lit up and all the faces turned to see the message. It was a well-dressed suit, sitting at the console with a headset and mug of imported coffee.)

"Hello!" He said. "And welcome, to Babylon 5!"


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