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Welcome to Lawyer Hell

Well, here we are. Are more appropriately, here YOU are. If you are here you are either a suit (offense punishable by The Hitman killing any wimpy snobbish pets you may have and then shipping the dead remains to you a week later in a cardboard box), or you are mocking their ways and laughing at how pitiful they are.

These suit shields were created by the Commandment Composer, and the last one I devised myself. They are guaranteed to stop suits in their tracks and force them to file a lawsuit against someone else. Without further adew (anyone who complains about spelling will be shot on sight), here they are.

All trademarks, sounds and pictures contained on this site retain their original copyright as owned by their respective production companies.

All Babylon Five characters and images contained in these pages are the property of J. Michael Straczinsky, Warner Brothers and TNT. We are only borrowing them for our own entertainment and no offense to anyone is intended.

The Temple does not claim (hence the term disclaimer, knucklehead) any pictures or sounds contained within this site, but we do expect anyone using a Temple image to be courteous and give credit and/or post the address to one or more of the Temples. And remember, while Booji prefers nonviolence and harmony (except when it is neccessary), his followers don't. Push us, and you'll need a guard dog for your guard dog.

Gee, I hope that was fun for you. But just in case it is a suit reading this, and a determined one at that - not many suits make it this far, no links will be provided back to the Temple. Rigorous testing has concluded that after such a brutal bashing, 11 out of 10 suits will be unable to hit their browser's 'Back' button.