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The Official Page of Booji

The Ancient Vorlon God, Booji

Navigating the Booji Site

Booji is an ancient Vorlon God who just happens to look like Marcus Cole with a bucket on his head (this is how Booji chooses to look to everyone, don't laugh!). This is his official site, made by his followers.

The Bucket of Booji- Come here to learn more about Booji and his teachings.

The Hand of Booji- Come here to learn about Booji's followers and become a Boojist yourself!

The Foot of Booji- Come here to browse through Booji's links.

The Followers' Hails- Find out in more detail what each of the followers do.

The Ancient Scrolls- The amazing story of the last days of the Well Engaged Forum.

The Temple of Booji- The breathtaking view of Booji's temple!

Booji's WebRing!
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Followers of Booji

The World's Largest Booji Temple, Managed by Lindaru Booji's Gift Shop, Managed by Neil The Wonderful World of Flarn, managed by Flarnstar, Managed by Eclipse The Home of Booji (managed by Booji)

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