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The Followers of Booji

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The Current Followers of Booji

Hail The First Disciple - Marcus
Hail The Defender - Garibaldi
Hail The Sage - Willmore The Rover
Hail The Scribe - Anla'Shok Na
Hail The Custodian - Ranger1138
Hail The Scientist - Kat (dog_doc)
Hail The Senior Acolyte - Gaidheil
Hail The Great Watcher - WBAlan
Hail The Spiritual Inquisitor - RES
Hail The Senior Seeker - Marichka (Morden)
Hail The Hunter - Major Buttons (kitten of the departed FTM)
Hail The Traveler - Traveler
Hail The Deprogrammer - Danae
Hail The Enlightened - Jhenti
Hail The Hit Man - Sarge (Sargsatt)
Hail The Keeper Of Eternal Vigil - Morgan
Hail The Profit - Mr. Rubix Cube
Hail The Bard - Flarnstar
Hail The Treasure Horder - HotRod
Hail The Keeper Of The Profit - Galin
Hail The Silent Watcher - Bailin
Hail The Artist - Reebo
Hail The Teacher - Lindaru
Hail The Ancient - oldenone
Hail The Procrastinator - jaybee
Hail The Dark Avenger - zahadum
Hail The Keeper of Dreams - dream5401
Hail The Scholar - Dief
Hail The Threatener - Marisa
Hail The Senior Shop Keeper - Neil
Hail The Security Chief - Security Chief Jones
Hail The Heckler - Ayame
Hail The Master Of Terror - Critty
Hail The Architect - Devon
Hail The Keeper Of Booji's Holy Gok - Entil'zha Einat
Hail The Commandment Composer - She Who Must Be Obeyed
Hail The Listener - Lodga
Hail The Cynical - Captain Plywood (husband of the departed FTM)
Hail The Captain - Susan
Hail The Saintly - jacks
Hail The Mage - Delenn (Anna)
Hail The Ambassador - Satai Callista
Hail The Bucket Cleaner - SchOX
Hail The Wanderer - Bytor
Hail The Storyteller - Gwyn
Hail The Mess Maker - Zooty
Hail The Warrior - Satai Trigati
Hail The Temple Lion - RangerPaws
Hail The Commander of the Happiest - Carebear
Hail The Image Maker - Kosh
Hail The Spin Doctor - Susie Q. Franklin
Hail The Sneak - Genevieve
Hail The Keeper of Souls - Gibber
Hail The Technician - Bo
Hail The Temple Bouncer - Qajkiller
Hail The High Justice - Milkman
Hail The Genius - Lorien
Hail The First Ranger - Satai Aelora
Hail The Right Hand of Kipling - Barrington Stanley
Hail The Priestess - Leanna
Hail The Junior Seeker - Arisia
Hail The Mail Lady - Zoltar
Hail The Healer - Rhiannon
Hail The Pain Technician - Emperor Cartagia
Hail The Epsilon - Epsilon 3
Hail The Second Ranger - Ralenn
Hail The Keeper of Secrets - Shana B.
Hail The Little Bear - Ursula
Hail The Protecter of the Holy Insanity - Wonko the Sane
Hail The Bucketed Technomage - Draxon Varradami
Hail The Senior Resident Telepath - Satai Lyta
Hail The Guardian - Satai Dukhat
Hail The Angel of Light - Alison
Hail The Messenger of Booji - Eclipse
Hail The Guardian of the Circles - Councilor G'Xan
Hail The Observer - Xela
Hail The Anarchist - Vulpix
Hail The Junior Shopkeeper - Tyler
Hail The Soul Hunter - Nite Shade
Hail The Protector of Qat - Chanur
Hail The Bucket Guardian - Ti Ryce
Hail The Temple Watcher - Xana Cole
Hail The Local Chapter Leader - Nomad10345
Hail The Kisser of Booji's Bucket - Ashka
Hail The Musician - Wicket
Hail The Honorary Booji Vorlon - Jim
Hail The Dancer - Barista
Hail The Servant - Neroon
Hail The Junior Telepath - Goldenwolf
Hail The Defender Of Optimism - Terilyn
Hail The Paladin - Northstar
Hail The Temple Guard - Shahi Ta'Non
Hail The Assassin - Niknak
Hail The Farmer Of Spoo - Fozzie Bear
Hail The Third Ranger - Sharon
Hail The Prophet Of Booji - Prophet
Hail The Jedi Lord - JediLuke27
Hail He Who Talks With The Light And The Shadow - St Sinner
Hail The Philosopher - Ling Po
Hail The Lady Of The Lake - Krista
Hail The Time Traveler - Sector-14
Hail The Mansonite - Gwenavere
Hail The Official Pessimest - BDR Sheridan
Hail The Keeper Of Booji's Sacred Toys - Lady Ariadne
Hail The Devoted Servant - Emily
Hail The Great Mental One - Laura Sinclair
Hail The Scribe Of The Unusual - Starkiller
Hail The Junior Acolyte - Rhyta
Hail The Quiet One - Adriana
Hail The Chosen One - Ariana
Hail The Achievist - Ranger Kathy
Hail The Sergeant Of Buckets - Xon The Vanished
Hail The Blessed Poet - Erin
Hail The Keeper Of The Golden Buckets - Alyt D'Shock
Hail The Wise And Holy One - Delenn
Hail The Pet Groomer - Betta1
Hail The Chief Defender Of Max - Whitestar
Hail Booji's Regeneration Specialist - Alina Minette
Hail The Poet Warrior - Banshee
Hail The Shadow - Barb
Hail The Junior Ancient - Obidas
Hail The Mage Of Gemstones - SapphireMage
Hail The Keeper Of Things Unknown - Spoofoo
Hail The Cherished Cleaner Of The Bit Bins - Var Zol
Hail The Keeper Of Causes - Jen_Moo
Hail The Zathras 10 - Sheldon
Hail The Junior Holy Warrior - Chris
Hail The Fourth Ranger - Jon
Hail The Blade - David
Hail The Protector - Rangergogs69
Hail Booji's Consultant To Captain Power And The Soldiers Of The Future - PilotJennifer
Hail The Moonshadow - Michael
Hail The Vorlon Blip - Father Time
Hail The Mechanic - Emily
Hail The Tender Of Booji's Holy Cows - Bizud
Hail The Rim Walker - Mystic9
Hail The Mysterious One - Fire Eyes
Hail The Dragon Rider - SpaceDrake
Hail The Worshipper of the Jokester - Misty Pendragon
Hail The Archer of Justice - Morwen
Hail The Psi-cho - Rushana
Hail The Senior Mage - Sami
Hail The One Who Walks With Shadows - Jaxa
Hail The Court Jester - Eliora
Hail Booji's Chief Gutter Sweep - More or Lyta
Hail Ranger Supreme - D.C.
Hail The Junior Guardian - Kolobos
Hail The Left Something or Another of the Great and Exhaulted Booji - J. Knotts

The Extended Hails

Click above to see the more descriptive extended hails for the Followers of Booji. Written by the Keeper of the Profit, Galin.

Miniture Golden Bucket

The Golden Bucket

The Golden Bucket A Special Golden Bucket

For 'undeniable allegiance and effort above and beyond the call of duty', the Keepers of the Temples have begun rewarding those who grace the name of Booji with their deeds. Any Boojist qualifies and nominations are allowed from everyone. Some criteria for receiving The Golden Bucket, a symbol of great honor, would be to organize an event, keep track of member info, start a Booji or Babylon 5 web page, or any number of other reasons we have yet to think of. Since everyone is eligible, it is our hopes that soon there will be no member of Booji who does not own a Golden Bucket.
Boojists with a small gold bucket next to their names are those who have already accepted a medal.

How to become one with Booji...

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Followers of Booji