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Extended Hails

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These are the more descriptive extended hails for the Followers of Booji, as written by The Keeper of the Profit, Galin. (Please note, profit is an intentional mispelling of prophet that Mr. Rubix Cube chose for himself.)

Hail The First Disciple, Marcus!

The first disciple, Marcus, who brought us the word of Booji when we were lost and could not find our way in the grandness that is cyberspace. The one that came first, the one that showed the way, we hail thee.

Hail The Defender, Garibaldi!

Garibaldi, who will bring the justice that Booji has chosen. He will bring the holy fire upon the suits and bring honor to the holy icon. He is protector, defender, the hand of Booji.

Hail to The Sage, Willmore the Rover!

He who brings wisdom and the teachings of the wise people throughout history. Willmore the Rover, who disputes ignorance and promotes enlightenment. He who knows the great art of relativity. He who is the sage,the wise.

Hail to The Scribe, Anla'shok Na!

Anla'shok Na, who keeps the records and histories of Booji. Without whom we would not know ourselves and not know each other. The scribe, the foundation of all the wise. The one who has the records and the one who seeks the knowledge for the betterment of the whole.

Hail to The Custodian, Ranger!

The one who keeps us clean. The great custodian who keeps the temple of Booji and lets us not sleep in a pile of our own scum, but in a lovely, clean, heated temple. Ranger, who keeps the Whitestars working and assigns them with wisdom.

Hail to The Scientist, Kat!

She who keeps the knowledge of physics and the power of the mystical forces of Booji. Those forces called lightning, thunder and gravity. The scientist, Kat (dog_doc) who makes the future possible.

Hail to The Acolyte, gaidheil!

gaidheil, the one who came first. The person who took up the word of Booji when it was only thought of as a joke. Acolyte, who brings the word and spirit of Booji to all the other boards of this great universe. We praise thee.

Hail to The Great Watcher, Alan!

To Alan, the one who guides us. The one who keeps our finger from the flame. He who makes sure we stay faithful to the path. The Great Watcher.

Hail to The Teacher, Lindaru!

Lindaru, who wields the ultimate power of HTML and spreads the knowledge to others. The one who uses her powers to spread Booji's word and ideas. Praise the teacher.

Hail to The Spiritual Inquisitor, RES!

The one who tests the faith of the so called believers to find if they are in the right place in the right time. RES, who weeds out the nonbelievers and keeps them from destroying all. We thank the inquisitor.

Hail to the Senior Seeker, Morden!

To Marichka (Morden) who finds truth. To the one who follows the quest for enlightenment no matter the cost, we give praise.

Hail to The Hunter, Major Buttons!

The one who finds, the one who aids in the search. To ftm, who helps in the fight against suits. We give thee praise for the meat thy bring us.

Hail The Traveler, Traveler!

The one who brings us the wisdom from the farthest corners of the universe. The one who walks the dark paths and goes to the places where shadows lay. We give thanks to you, traveler.

Hail to The Deprogrammer, Danae!

We give praise to the one who defends the follows against ridicule. Danae, who keeps the evils of the universe away and turns the others from the darkside to the side of Booji. We thank thee.

Hail to The Enlightened, Jhenti!

We give thanks to Jhenti who does all the small tasks that Booji does not want to do. We praise you for mowing the holy grass, watering the holy lawn, making the holy lunch, washing the holy dog, loading the holy dishwasher, replacing the holy batteries of the holy remote control, and all the other task set to you.

Hail to The Hitman, Sarge!

We thank you Sarge (sargsatt) for bring the all holy closure to that which is finished. Keeping the world cleansed of the unholy. We give you praise.

Hail to The Keeper of Eternal Vigil, Morgon!

Morgon, who lights the beacon and waits for all to come home. The one who keeps the incense burning and makes the temple smell nice.

Hail to The Profit, Mr. Rubix Cube!

The cube of Booji who tells what is to come and speaks in the holy language of the divine. The prophet, the profit, the wise Mr. Rubix.

Hail to The Bard, Flarnstar!

Flarnstar, who puts the praises of Booji to music. He, who sings to the followers and aids in the history keeping. Master of the lyrics. We give praise to the one who wields the instrument of song.

Hail to The Treasure Horder, Hotrod!

To the one who keeps the horde of Booji. HotRod, the counter, the one who keeps the books of Booji. We give you thanks for being strong and not being taken by the temptations of the suits that is money.

Hail to The Profit Keeper, Galin!

We give thanks to the one who deals with the profit and keeps his pieces oiled. Galin, who provides the profit with all he could want and need. To the one who keeps his cool with the profit. We give thanks.

Hail to The Silent Observer, Bailin!

To Balin, the one who is heir to the Great Watcher. We give thanks to you for taking up the mission of the watcher. Praise to you for keeping us out of dark places.

Hail to The Artist, Reebo!

Reebo, the one who creates, the one who constructs, the one with the art supplies. We give praise to you for keeping the great machines that serve Booji in good aesthetic order and the temple walls full of art.

Hail to The Ancient, oldenone!

To oldenone, who brings to us the knowledge of the past. The one who expands our horizons with her wisdom. We give praise to you for all you've done.

Hail to The Procrastinator, jaybee!

To Jaybee, who's found the wisdom of patience. The one who waits until waiting is filled before acting. We give you thanks to you.

Hail Zahadum, The Dark Avenger!

This is the one who acts out the revenge of Booji. This is the one who cloaks and destroys all those that would bring harm to Booji and his followers. We praise thee for thy deeds!

Hail Dief, The Scholar!

This is the one who is the perpetual scholar . . . never leaving the temple library and classrooms. We give thanks to thee who spends all of Booji's time becoming educated!

Hail Dreamer5401, The Dreamer!

This is the one who dreams so that we may live out our dreams! Though appearing to be asleep, this one is actually in a dream state of meditation and makes it possible for us to have dreams when our sleep time comes. We hail thee!

Hail Marisa, The Threatener!

This is the one who takes no action but threatens those who dare to defame or attempt to injure Booji! Thy threats are sharp swords using carefully selected words. The Threatener walks before us and threatens those evildoers in the universe!

Hail Ayame, The Heckler!

This is the one who heckles the anti-Booji people, making them see the silliness of their ways. This one uses humor and embarassment to exact the respect Booji deserves. We hail thee!

Hail Neil, The Transporter!

This is the one who finds the means to get the followers where they need to go. He is the keeper of the holy ships and ancient transport devices. We depend on thee and hail thee to get where we need to go!

Hail Security Chief Jones, The Security Chief!

This is the one who keeps our temples safe . . . who keeps watch on the shadows that move outside the Temple and does not let them in without the password. This is the one who arrests all who abuse those in the Temple of Booji.

Hail The Master Of Terror, Critty!

He is the one who makes us face our terrors and become stronger for it. He is the counterbalance of all that Booji represents and thereby a valid part of Booji. He is the yin to the yang, the great trial by fire!

Hail The Architect, Devon!

Hail he who designs the beautiful Houses of Booji for the followers to dwell in! He is the master of aesthetics and brings us treats for our eyes. We thank him!

Hail The Keeper Of Booji's Holy Pet Gok, Entil'zha Einat!

This is the one who oversees all holy pets in the Temple and especially Booji's favorite, Gok, by managing their daily feedings, waterings and cleaning the holy litter boxes. We thank thee!

Hail The Commandment Composer, She Who Must Be Obeyed!

She is the one who composes any commandments Booji wishes to communicate, the first of these being post not what you would not want to be posted and treat all species of the universe with the same respect you would want for yourself. We hail thee!

Hail The Listener, Lodga!

We hail Lodga for listening to us, and keeping a keen eye ear out for the suits as well! Who needs a tape recorder?

Hail The Cynic, Captain Plywood!

This is the one who puts doubt in the minds of non-believers, he who never takes things at face value and is not misled by other people who doubt the word of Booji. We hail thee for your discretion!

Hail The Captain, Susan!

She is the one who navigates the two dimensional worm hole thingies with grace and dignity, directing all of Booji's followers safely to other cyber-universes and back home again. We hail thee for your navigational skills!

Hail The Mage, Anna!

She is the one who uses her magical powers to bring about the good of Booji. She draws both from the legends of old and the forces of nature to manifest great things for the followers of Booji. We hail thee!

Hail The Saintly, Jacks!

She is the one who choose purity in tribute to Booji, the one who follows the path of the righteous to please Booji and his followers. We give thee praise!

Hail The Ambassador, Satai Callista!

She is the eyes and ears of Booji on the distant worlds of the universe, the one who works with the outsiders for the betterment of all of Booji's followers. We give you praise!

Hail The Bucket Cleaner, SchOX!

We give praise to the one who keeps Booji's bucket clean of dirt, grime and rust, to the one who wipes and polishes the bucket every day to keep it that sparkling shade of red. We thank you for keeping Booji looking nice and respectable.

Hail The Wanderer, Bytor!

We give praise to the one who chooses to travel to distant planets and bring back secrets from dark places, the one who spreads the word of Booji wherever he goes and lets Booji guide his/her path. We give thanks.

Hail The Storyteller - Gwyn!

She is the one who keeps the stories of old and creates those of new, the one who passes on these great stories of long fought battles and struggles as well as romance and adventure while the cable in the Temple is out. We give thanks.

Hail The Mess Maker - Zooty!

She is the one who brings about large disasters and makes sure the Suits can never find anything. We give praise to the Mess Maker for always making sure the Suits wake up with gum in their hair.

Hail The Warrior - Satai Trigati!

She is the one who wields the mighty fighting pike and has conquered foes of all Suit colors and patterns, the one who spends years training so to aid the great balance and protects the meek from those larger and stronger. We give praise.

Hail The Temple Lion - Ranger Paws!

This is the great beast who guards the Temple door and keeps the Suits, disguised or not, far from our sanctuary, and leads Booji's pride to greatness. We give you thanks.

Hail The Image Maker - Kosh!

He is the great and mystical Vorlon Kosh who creates beautiful works of computer art through old and new magic of technology. We thank you for enhancing our lives through your creative and brilliant images.

Hail The Commander Of The Happiest - Carebear!

She is the lovable stuffed bear who takes lead of all the forces of what is good and joyous. We give praise to the one who has donned the stomach symbol of Booji to lead the way for positive energy.

Hail The Spin Doctor - Susie Q. Franklin!

She is the one who has taken the pro-Booji position and seeks to sway the public's opinion to the same, the one who makes sure there are no Suit sympathizers. We give thanks.

Hail The Sneak - Genevieve!

She is the one who sneaks about the Temples making sure that no one is saying anything bad about Booji or his followers and seeing to it that no Suits enter any of the holy Temples or make evil plans against Booji. We praise thee!

Hail The Technician - Bo!

He is the one who chooses to dirty his uniform with oil to keep Booji's machines running by replacing systems, programming computers and running those detector things along the hull. We give praise.

Hail The Keeper Of Souls - Gibber!

This is the one who looks after the souls of the lost and keeps them so as to continue sharing their vast knowledge, the person who has taken on this vast responsibility. We give thanks.

Hail The Temple Bouncer - Qajkiller!

This is the one who makes sure that those who have indulged in the sacramental wine do not mess up the Temple. We give you praise for escorting out any Suits who manage to make it in.

Hail The High Justice - Milkman!

This is the one who dispenses Booji's judgements when he is unable and protects his followers from injustice, the one who gets to wear the spiffy robes. We give you thanks.

Hail The Genius - Lorien!

This is the smarty who comes up with cunning plans to further Booji's plans and improve Booji's technology. We thank you for your plentiful brain cells.

Hail The Senior Ranger - Satai Aelora!

This is the Ranger who fights alongside of Satai Trigati, The Warrior, and who is her twin soul. Her Ranger pin warns the Suits that they had best avoid Booji and all of his followers forever!

Hail The Right Hand Of Kipling - Barrington Stanley!

He is the one who sits at the right hand of Kipling, ready to strike all who oppose Kipling and thereby oppose Booji and the followers. We praise thee for adding Kipling's great adventures to our own.

Hail The Junior Seeker, Arisia!

This is the one who wishes to follow in Marichka's footsteps in following the quest for enlightenment. This is a mighty task and we appreciate thy assistance!

Hail The Priestess, Leanna!

She is the one who leads the faithful in their daily pursuit of Booji's will, the one who gives faith and studies the ways of Booji. We give praise!

Hail The Mail Lady, Zoltar!

She is the one who takes it upon herself to sort and deliver all the mail of the Temple. We give praise to the one who works for Booji through rain or sleet or dark of night!

Hail The Healer, Rhiannon!

She is the one who heals the broken hearts of those who searched for Booji in vain. She soothes the wounds of those who suffered in their struggle towards Booji. We hail thee!

Hail The Pain Technician, Emperor Cartagia!

She is the one who uses exquisite torture techniques on the Evil Suits to make them reveal their evil plots against Booji. We hail thy talents!

Hail The Epsilon, Epsilon 3!

This is the one who aids Booji in spite of their size and shows that sometimes retreating is the only option because of such small odds. We give you praise.

Hail The Junior Ranger, Ralenn!

She is the one who learns from those who have walked before and follows both the paths of Booji and Valen, the apprentice of Satai Aelora. We give thanks.

Hail The Keeper Of Secrets, Shana B.!

She is The Keeper Of Secrets. We give praise to the one who keeps the secrets of Booji from those who would use them against him and his followers.

Hail The Little Bear, Ursula!

She is The Little Bear. The followers of Booji thank the one who joins the animals of the temple in an effort to defend it against the Suits.

Hail The Protector Of The Holy Insanity, Wonko The Sane!

This is The Protector Of The Holy Insanity. We praise the one who takes great effort to protect the followers of Booji from the mentally destructive Suits who would push us over the edge.

Hail The Bucketed Technomage, Draxon Varradami!

This is The Bucketed Technomage, the one who uses highly advanced technologies in pursuit of continuing Booji's mission and also searches for new technology to advance the Temples and their followers. We give praise.

Hail The Senior Telepath, Satai Lyta!
This is the Senior Telepath, the one who uses her powers to both add to Booji's treasury and to ensure the safety of Booji's
followers from unseen forces.  We give her praise. 

Hail The Senior Guardian, Satai Dukhat!
This is the one in charge of all those who pledge their services to protection of the Temple.  We praise thee for the security you

Hail The Angel Of Light, Alison!
She is the one who uses the divine powers of the light to protect Booji's followers and lead others to the light.  We thank you. 

Hail The Messenger Of Booji, Eclipse!
He is the one who follows the path Hermes in being messenger to the Gods.  We give you praise for aiding in spreading the
words of Booji. 

Hail The Guardian Of The Circles, Councilor G'Xan!
This is the Guardian of the Circles, the one charged with protecting all that is or is made from circles, such as the holy bucket of
Booji.  We give thanks. 

Hail The Observer, Xela!
We give praise to the one who watches silently from the background and sees all the details of the universe.  Hail the Observer! 

Hail The Anarchist, Vulpix!
Our praise is extended to the one in charge of disrupting and causing chaos to all of the Suits.  Hail the Anarchist! 

Hail The Junior Shop Keeper, Tyler!
This is the one who aids Neil in tending the shop of Booji and facing the Suitly corruption of capitalism without giving in to it. 
We give praise. 

Hail The Soul Hunter, Nite Shade!
Nite Shade is empowered with the task of keeping all the souls of Booji's great safe from those who would do them harm and
for that, we give praise. 

Hail The Protector Of Qat, Chanur!
Hail the one who has chosen the great task of protecting Qat from all who would deal misfortune to the followers of Booji.  We
give gracious thanks. 

Hail The Bucket Guardian, Ti Ryce!
Hail the person who is blessed with one of the holiest of duties that Booji can employ and to the same who takes such a task
upon them.  We thank thee. 

Hail The Temple Watcher, Xana Cole!
We bestow our everlasting appreciation on Xana Cole for spending her time watching over the Temple and guarding all who
dwell there from evil. 

Hail The Local Chapter Leader, Nomad10345!
Great thanks are given by the followers of Booji to the one who goes out into the community and leads people to the joy that
each of us has found in him, and brings together these people so they may also share in that joy. 

Hail The Kisser Of Booji's Bucket, Ashka!
Booji gives his thanks to the one who would make him blush with a sweet gesture of kindness. 

Hail The Musician, Wicket!
All of the followers of Booji give a special thought to the one who has taken up the task of filling the Temple with wonderful
music.  We thank Wicket who has given the gift of music to Booji and his followers. 

Hail The Honorary Booji Vorlon, Jim!
Hail to he who has chosen the path that so many of his Vorlon brothers and sisters have taken before, and for bringing the
knowledge of the first ones to Booji's followers.  We give praise. 

Hail The Dancer, Barista!
Praise to Barista in her art of the dance, for she has devoted her art of the dance to Booji and his followers. 

Hail The Servant, Neroon!
We give thanks to the one who has pledged their life to Booji and to aiding his followers in all the little tasks of life. 

Hail The Junior Telepath, Goldenwolf!
Hail to the one who aids Satai Lyta in all her duties as the senior telepath.  We give our appreciation. 

Hail The Defender Of Optimism, Terilyn!
Booji's followers extend their deepest thanks to the one who keeps spirits high, stops bickering and strives to defeat the
negative that plagues everyone. 

Hail The Paladin, Northstar!
We, the followers of Booji, give Northstar our praise for fearlessly taking the role of the Paladin in an effort to strike down the
evil Suits and defend the righteous from their persecution.

Hail The Temple Guard, Shahi Ta'Non!
This is the one who spends their time protecting the Temple from vandals and rejecting ruffians from the gates.  We give praise. 

Hail The Assassin, Niknak!
We praise the one who strategically removes obstacles to Booji's grand plan with precision and grace. 

Hail The Farmer Of The Spoo, Fozzie Bear!
The followers of Booji give their admiration to the one who works to create spoo and keeps all spoo lovers satisfied. 

Hail The Third Ranger, Sharon!
We give thanks to you as we do all Rangers for following the ways of the Anla'Shok and for defending the ways of the righteous
from the evils of the universe. 

Hail The Prophet Of Booji, Prophet!
This is the one who brings to us the knowledge of the future so that the followers of Booji may gain.  We give thanks. 

Hail The Jedi Lord, JediLuke27!
The followers of Booji, especially those versed in the way of The Force, thank the Jedi Lord for integrating two universal
religions to gain a better understanding of the galaxy. 

Hail He Who Walks With The Darkness And The Light - St Sinner!
We hail the one who walks with the darkness and the light.  The followers of Booji are enriched by the presence of one so
balanced that they are swayed by neither the dark nor the light. 

Hail The Philosopher - Ling Po!
We give you thanks for following in the footsteps of Socrates and Plato in seeking truth and knowledge through philosophical

Hail The Lady Of The Lake - Krista!
The followers of Booji have all been enriched by your presence in the legends of Arthur Pendragon and now in our midst. 

Hail The Time Traveler - Sector-14!
The followers give praise and acknowledgement to the one who traverses the many expanses of time and who brings us the
messages from that dimension. 

Hail The Mansonite, Gwenavere!
This is the one who has been passed the secrets of Marilyn Manson and brings that knowledge to the aid of Booji.  We give

Hail The Official Pessimist - BDR Sheridan!
We give praise to the official pessimist for protecting the followers of Booji by pointing out how things can go wrong. 

Hail The Keeper Of Booji's Sacred Toys - Lady Ariadne!
This is the one who is charged with guardianship of all of the toys of the Temple.  We give our thanks. 

Hail The Devoted Servant - Emily!
She serves Booji and the followers by anticipating their needs and bringing them that which is required.  Her devotion is most

Hail The Great Mental One - Laura Sinclair!
She is the one who is in touch with her powers of the mind and uses these powers to continually uplift us all.  Her padded cell
offers protection to those in need! 

Hail The Scribe Of The Unusual - Starkiller!
Lest we always remember the unusual in our daily lives, the Scribe Of The Unusual records these events for all posterity so that
we may continue to learn from it! 

Hail The Junior Acolyte, Rhyta!
She assists the Senior Acolyte in the main duties of the Temple, keeping the candles lit, keeping Booji's M&M bowl always
filled.  We are grateful for her vigilance and assistance! 

Hail The Quiet One, Adriana!
Silence of a golden nature exudes from her as she serves by magnifying the silence so that we may appreciate those golden
moments between the din of daily life and the clutter in our minds. 

Hail The Chosen One, Ariana!
She was chosen of Booji to serve Booji - yea even to the holy scrolls and the lottery commission which bear witness to her
being chosen. 

Hail The Achievist, Ranger Kathy!
Set forth thy goals and let the Achievest accomplish them!  There is no task too great or small for her to put under her belt with
a true sense of accomplishment! 

Hail The Sergeant Of Buckets, Xon The Vanished!
Our Sergeant keeps the holiest of buckets in line and in full training at all times.  The buckets obey as they run through their daily
calisthenics and keep in top shape against the Suits! 

Hail The Blessed Poet, Erin!
Every line and every turn of a phrase is blessed in all her beautiful poetry.  Booji and his followers relax to the flow of her
righteous and eloquent words! 

Hail The Keeper Of The Golden Buckets, Alyt D'Shock!
We praise the one who keeps and watches over the golden buckets as they rest and wait patiently to be called into service. 
We thank thee for keeping our golden buckets safe! 

Hail The Wise And Holy One, Delenn!
When life becomes a puzzle, we call on her for her wisdom and holiness to show us the way.  We are enriched by walking in
her path and by heeding her great wisdom! 

Hail The Pet Groomer, Betta1!
All of Booji and his followers' pets are happy, healthy and beautiful thanks to our wondrous pet groomer!  She keeps them all
looking their loveliest, making them the most beautiful pets in the universe! 

Hail The Chief Defender Of Max, Whitestar!
Our Crusade friend Max, who we love dearly, has a tendency to get into trouble from time to time.  We praise the Chief
Defender who steps forward on his behalf and protects Max from himself! 

Hail Booji's Regeneration Specialist, Alina Minette!
Whenever someone or something is beyond repair, she reaches out and regenerates them back to the fullness of glory and life!  We hail thy special powers! 

Hail The Poet Warrior, Banshee!
Sometimes words and wits are called for on the battle field against the Suits.  The Poet Warrior's special abilities allow the rhyming words to strike down our enemies most efficiently and without the need to clean up any mess afterwards! 

Hail The Shadow, Barb!
Often our best defense is stealth.  She is the Shadow who sneaks in while the Suits remain unaware and catches them off guard.  Her phasing in and out techniques are truly a blessing and we hail her! 

Hail The Holy Food Server, Kay!
She is the one who feeds the masses at the Temple 26 hours a day, providing for their cravings and their nutritional needs.  She is a master of catering and without her we would all starve! 

Hail The Junior Ancient, Obidas I!
The Junior Ancient assists the Senior Ancient in teaching the old ways which are simpler and Suit unfriendly.  By keeping our ancient texts and memories, the Junior Ancient allows us to stay in touch with our roots. 

Hail The Mage Of Gemstones, SapphireMage!
She is the one who has knowledge of the power of all gem stones and who uses her magic to bring out those qualities for knowledge, healing and art. 

Hail The Keeper Of Unknown Things, Spoofoo!
The son of Flarnstar and our youngest follower has the monumental task of keeping care over those things which are not known.  If any should fall upon an unknown thing, bring it to Spoofoo immediately! 

Hail The Cherished Cleaner Of The Bit Bin, Var Zol!
We hail the Cherished Cleaner who keeps our bit bin spotless and all things tiny in the computer organized in an easy to find and user friendly fashion. 

Hail The Keeper Of Causes, Jen_Moo!
She is the one who keeps all causes past, present and future in a safe place where if they need to be brought out, they will easily be understood by all. 

Hail The Zathras 10, Sheldon!
Hail the tenth brother of Zathras, the one who has chosen to stay behind and watch over the doings of the followers.  He is the beginning, the middle and the end of our story. 

Hail The Junior Holy Warrior, Chris!
Glory be to the Junior Holy Warrior who has come forth to assist our Senior Holy Warrior and to learn the ways which will protect us all against evil doers. 

Hail The Fourth Ranger, Jon!
He is the fourth one to choose to dedicate his life as a Ranger, to make the Rangers in the Booji Temple a powerful and strong force to contend with.  We bow to your dedication. 

Hail The Blade, David!
He is the Blade who shall cut out those unholy things which attempt to harm us.  He is always at the ready to fight against Suits, false idols and vampires! 

Hail The Protector, Rangergogs69!
Fear not the walk through the dark path ways and mazes of the world beyond the Temple for this is the one who shall protect us all and keep us from harm! 

Hail Booji's Consultant To Captain Power And The Soldiers Of The Future, PilotJennifer!
Captain Power And The Soldiers Of The Future have allied themselves with us and our own PilotJennifer has vowed to be consultant in our times of need!  We hail her! 

Hail The Moonshadow, Michael!
He is the one who controls the tides of the moon around the planetoid and creates the light and shadows which keep our clocks and calendars in sync whereby we measure our time in linear motion.  We hail thee! 

Hail The Vorlon Blip, Father_Time!
He aims to ignite the fire of academic debate and promote the light of study of the universe (the Babylon Five universe not other fictional ones) that the younger races may grow and not be confined by the rigidity of the Vorlon, and they may be wise in the ways of the first ones. 

Hail The Mechanic, Emily!
Hail she who keeps all of our machinery running in top order and devotes her life to the maintenance of all things mechanical within the Temple and of that which flies in space.  The Temple shall never suffer a rusty can opener nor a squeaky garage door!

Hail The Tender Of Booji's Holy Cows, Bizud!
Extended hails comming soon.

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