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The Links of Booji

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The Official Links of Booji

The Wonderful World of Flarn Message Board- Here is where the Boojists gather and talk amoungst themselves. If you are one with Booji and would like to engage in intelligent conversation about Babylon 5 or the Ancient Vorlon God, or just watch and read, you may come to The Wonderful World of Flarn. If you are just looking for a Babylon 5 Forum, try Warner Bros. down the list a little ways.

World's Largest Booji Temple
The largest and most colorful of all the temples. Has all the stories logged, all the images shown, tours of all the follower's gatherings, and all the seemingly useless information ever posted! Don't forget to take a look at the extensive treasury!

A more direct route to the neverending saga of Boojilon 5! Written post by post, as is the tradition dating back to the freezing of the Well Engaged board, the story has already reached its second season. Special thanks to Eclipse for making these great images and Neil for getting it all on his page!

The Warner Brother's Official Babylon 5 Online Message Boards- This is where Booji first began. Of recent its condition has deteriorated to the point where we were forced to boycott it. But you can still come to read the archives!

Security Chief Jones's Office
Created by our very own SecurityChiefJones, this site is a great way to get information on the characters and has some very interesting links.

The Booji Shirt Shop
Hail Neil for neverending quest for the perfect Booji T-shirt! Also, run (or walk) through the store, checking out the other merchandise he stocks. You can find almost anything at the shop!

The Wonderful World of Flarn
Not only does this site contain great information and jokes about Babylon 5, it also has a Booji page!

Useless Ideas for Babylon 5- An absolutely hilarious set of over a hundred of the best useless ideas ever created!

View from the Gallery- Great page with tons of links, good humor, and images. Also has one of the hardest weekly quiz sections ever!

Babylon 5 UK- A great page by miraculous/mysterious Messenger of Booji. Wonderful character bios, links, nice pictures, and an excellent archive of RealVideo clips from Babylon 5!

B5 Fan Fiction- A site by Susie Q the Spin Doctor with several great stories. Not strictly B5-related, so have a look!

The Battles of Babylon 5- A great page; full of info on Babylon 5's ships and alien races, as well as a shrine to Captain Sheridan (a.k.a. Mr. President).

Rogue Telepaths Unite- The blessed poet's site with tons of good information on telepaths and related sites and a page dedicated to Booji.

DragonCon Photo Gallery- Some of the great photos courtesy Bailin and Bo, from their trip to DragonCon 98. Includes chat pictures of Londo, Byron, Lyta, Zack, JMS, and two other guys who just happened to be up there!

Presently, these are all the links we have. If you have a link that you would like to suggest email The Defender via the link on the bottom of the page.

The World's Largest Booji Temple, Managed by Lindaru Booji's Gift Shop, Managed by Neil The Wonderful World of Flarn, managed by Flarnstar, Managed by Eclipse The Home of Booji (managed by Booji)

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