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The Purpose of Booji

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How did Booji begin?

Sitting on the bridge of a White Star, Marcus and Ivanova wait impatiently for their first contact with a First One. Trying to lighten the mood, Marcus gets into a conversation and exclaims "I'll put a bucket on my head and pretend to be the ancient Vorlon God Booji!". And so it begins...

We were a pretty normal group until Booji came along. We talked on the Warner Brothers Babylon 5 Message Boards. We had a good time and like all things it didn't last. The message boards ran for a three-month trial period, and after that time W.B. decided it would not continue the service, and instead employ a different Message Board. We had a week to prepare for the pilgramige...

In the middle of our depression for losing our favorite board, someone brought up Booji. We instantly fell for his omnipotentence and charm, and nominated him as our mascot, hero, and god. With Booji to protect us, we moved to the new board unscathed and stronger from our loss. We vowed to keep the Great Booji's memory alive.

How Booji Works

Typical religions have a base set of rules that everyone has to follow, even if it slightly disobeys what you personally believe. Giving up pieces of your beliefs is the price you pay to fit into the group.

Boojism is different. Booji is any kind of person you want him to be. He can be terribly strict or a real push-over, it's completely up to you! Just say your hails, give him a kind-hearted offering every now and then, and he will watch over you.

Your title is your calling. If you hold Booji as close to your hearts as we do, then you will perform your called-upon duties if they are required. Since you appoint your own title, that shouldn't be much of a problem! Besides, it is unthinkably rare that anything you do is non-voluntary. Your level of faith and participation is whatever you want. Booji understands.

The Night the Board Was Frozen

To better understand the people and followers behind Booji, here is the complete and almost original version of the story that some of the members of the Well Engaged Baylon 5 Message Boards collectively wrote to honor Booji on the last night of our favorite board. It chronicles the biggest battle in our fight against the evil suits who want to turn Booji into another gimic.
By: Lindaru, Sargesatt, Reebo, MajorButtons (FTM), Security Chief Jones, and me (Garibaldi).

Boojilon 5

For even more enlightenment, you can read the ever-continuing saga of Boojilon 5, the Booji followers' last, best hope. All alone in the night, we're fighting a war against the Suits, and everyone else seems to want some part in it! WARNING: Highly addictive. After seeing the first episode, you may feel compelled to watch them all -all two seasons- before you get up.

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