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This Month on Blade of the Immortal:

The Gathering: 4 of 15
Issue No. 46/ July2000
(Dark Horse Comics)
Pretty much a Manji and Hyakurin ish. They meet at a pub and talk for a bit, and Manji finds out that both he and Rin are on wanted posters all over the place. Hyakurin takes responsibility since it was she who introduced that psycho Shira to them. Anyway, she tells Manji to help himself to a couple of disguises and wishes him luck. After he sort-of thanks her and leaves, she mumbles something cryptic to her aide about them not revealing who they truly are. Then afterwards, we move on to the last two pages of a brand-new (sort of) Rin. She's cut her hair and changed her clothes, and is now on her way to the sekisho. Very short issue-- the other pages were taken up with some sort of weapons guide. (Very nice-- with translations and the original hiragana both.)

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