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This Month on Blade of the Immortal:

The Gathering: 1of 15
Issue No. 43/ April 2000
(Dark Horse Comics)
After the horrible incident with the Akagi assassin,
Shira, Rin finds herself sick in both heart and health.
Manji talks to Hyakurin, the leader of the assassins,
about where Anotsu is next headed. Hyakurin tells
him that Anotsu will be going to Kaga, but refuses
to give him the exact place, saying that if he wants
to know the rest, he'll have to join her group. Manji
declines and tells Rin the news. However, since tra-
velling to Kaga will require them to pass through a
sekisho, Manji advices her to wait a while longer
since Anotsu will eventually return to Edo anyway.
Rin declines, saying that she'd rather go by herself
then wait another moment. Manji tells her to sleep on it, and Rin agrees to wait until morning.