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Blade of the Immortal FAQ :

4) Why's Rin so obsessed with Itto-Ryu anyhow?

Well, the entire basis of Blade's plot revolves around Rin's vendetta aginst these swordsmen. When she was only fourteen years old, Rin's father was murdered and her mother raped by Anotsu Kagehisa and his followers (the Itto-Ryu). Rin then swore she would avenge her parents' death and has been looking to do so ever since.

5) Manji looks like he's got a lot of them weapons, ne?

He sure does. As far as I can tell, Manji has an assortment of 12 blades. These are comprised of: 2 katanas (these are the ones he has at his waist), 1 fork-bladed sword, 1 small knife, 2 long-bladed swords (fitted with secondary blades), 1 small knife with a hooked blade, 2 sickle-shaped weapons connected with a metal chain, 1 long blade with hooks, 1 long blade with points, and 1 short blade.