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Blade of the Immortal FAQ :

1) How the $#?! did Manji become Immortal?

Good question. Years ago, after slaying a hundred innoccent men, Manji was granted eternal life by a wandering gypsy woman called Yaobikuni. She fed him the Kessen-Chu (Hold Blood Worms) and told him that he could only attain the release of death if he killed a thousand evil men.

2) And what's with that Swastika on his back anyway?

Manji's symbol, the "crux gammata", means simply prosperity and good fortune. (In fact, the word Manji literally translates to this symbol in Japanese.)

3) So what's the deal with him and Rin?

To date, Manji and Rin are just friends. She reminds Manji of his little sister, Machi, who was killed by the Shinsen-Gumi years ago. Rin also views Manji in that light-- she views him as a bodyguard and as a friend, but no more than that.