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Friday and off to Heritage Park we go today. I have some time before I have to go to work so I join them for part of the day and sadly, the last time I get to see them before they head for home.

After going through the gates, we head towards the downtown area. First stop on the list is the Prince house which is said to have a ghost living there.

Nice rug.

The Sandstone house next door to the Prince house.

It is interesting viewing the interiors of these old places getting a glimpse of life years ago.

Now we go on down to the main street of the downtown area.

Club Cafe which i think is a new addition or a remodelled one.

Sharon loves this old dentist shop.

Just love these surprise expressions. Sharon was wandering around yawning a lot so I think the past week had finally caught up to her.

And Theresa gets in on the fun after seeing the dentist. Say "Ahhhhh"

Heritage Park puts up these paper bags near the doorways like this one in the doorway to the laundry shop. The wasps think it is someone else's nest and stay away.

Inside the laundry shop.

The blacksmith shop.

Horses are being prepared for work hauling visitors around on the wagon outside the blacksmith shop.

Theresa and her outhouse.

I liked this row of wagons.

And then we continue the Heritage Park tour on the next webpage...

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