Queer Jokes

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Queer Jokes

  • Why was the queer fired from the sperm bank??
    He was caught drinking on the job.
    • Did you hear about the two queers in a telephone box?

    • They were trying to ring each other!
    • Did you hear about the Australian queer that went missing?

    • They found him in Sydney!
    • What about the queer that got busted coming through customs?

    • They found a false bottom in his suitcase.
    • What about the two Scottish queers?

    • Ben Doon and Phil McCrevis
    • My doctors is a queer!

    • He tells me to hold his balls when I cough!
    • What's the difference between a microwave and a queer?

    • A microwave doesn't brown your meat!
    • What's the difference between a fridge and a queer?

    • A fridge doesn't fart when you pull your meat out!
    • What does AIDS stand for?

    • Arsehole Injected Death Sentence!
    • What does AIDS stand for?

    • Always In Deep Shit!
    • Two queers were on the beach, one says to the other, "shall I put the

    • umbrella up?". The other one replies, "yes but don't open it!".

  • Why are they having trouble finding a cure for Aids??
    The scientists can't get mice to butt fuck.

  • What do you call two Irish queers?
    Patrick Fitzmichael an Michael Fitzpatrick

  • What do gay men refer to hemorrhoids as??
    Speed bumps

  • How do you know if your roommate is gay?
    His dick tastes like shit.

  • What do you call a gay Dinosaur?
    A Megasoreass.

  • How many lesbians does it take to change a light bulb?
    Two, one to put it in and one to write a folk song about it.

  • What do you call a lesbian with fat fingers?

  • What is the leading cause of death among lesbians?

  • When a man and woman get married they need a marriage license. What do Lesbians need??
    A licker license.

  • What's the definition of confusion?
    Twenty blind lesbians in a fish market.

  • What's the definition of a lesbian?
    Just another damn woman trying to do a man's job.

  • How did the whale get aids?
    He got rear ended by a ferry.

  • What did Rock Hudson get in heaven?
    First aids man.

  • What did Jim Nabors do on his holidays?
    Went down on the Hudson.