Until There Was You

Synopsis: A young girl discovers love with a certain Liverpudlian.

The Time: February 1961

The Place: Liverpool,England

Cast of characters:

Main Characters:

Sandi Walsh- 18 years old. Shoulder length red hair,deep green eyes. 5í4 inches tall, slender but curvy in all the right places, kind and gentle, but by no means a doormat.

THE BEATLES: Those four awesome lads from Liverpool who need no introduction.

Sandiís friends:

Raechel Jackson: 18 years old, Sandiís best friend, more like a sister to Sandi. Raechel is 5í5 inches tall, platinum blonde hair and baby blue eyes.Slender build, and athletic. Raechel is boy crazy and a flirt.A bit timid, has trouble standing up to people.

Monica Green: 18 years old. 5í2 inches tall, a bit full figured. Monica has light brown hair cut into a pixie style and warm brown eyes. She is very shy and quiet until she gets to know you, then will talk your ear off.

Other characters in the story:

Allison Walsh: Sandiís 13-year-old sister. Can be bratty but Sandi and she are very close.

William Walsh: Sandiís and Allisonís father. The typical overprotective father, but is very loving and adores his two girls tremendously. His profession is a lawyer that specializes in family law.

Brian Epstein: Sandiís employer and friend.

Now that the characters have been introduced, on with the story:

~ Chapter One ~ Chapter Two ~ Chapter Three ~ Chapter Four ~ Chapter Five ~ Chapter Six ~ Chapter Seven ~ Chapter Eight ~ Chapter Nine ~ Chapter Ten ~ Chapter Eleven ~ Chapter Twelve ~ Chapter Thirteen ~ Chapter Fourteen ~ Chapter Fifteen ~ Chapter Sixteen ~ Chapter Seventeen ~ Chapter Eighteen ~ Chapter Nineteen ~ Chapter Twenty ~ Chapter Twenty-One ~ Chapter Twenty-Two ~ Chapter Twenty-Three ~ Chapter Twenty-Four ~ Chapter Twenty-Five ~ Epilogue ~

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