Chapter Nine

Sandi awoke the next morning at 9 am. John would be there in only 3 hours! Sandi could hardly contain her excitement of seeing him again. Oh God, I have only known him for 2 days and have already fallen in love with him! I am not going to over-analyze this, just go with the flow, girl!

Sandi was trying to figure out what she should fix for their lunch date while she showered and dressed. What to wear, what am I going to wear? Since they would be travelling about Liverpool, Sandi decided to wear something casual, but nice. She chose her pink cashmere sweater and a pair of black, tight cigarette pants. She chose to wear her little black boots. They had a bit of a heel, just enough to be sexy but comfortable at the same time. She blow dried her shoulder length, coppery red hair and brushed it out to try to make it look like Brigitte Bardot’s. Sandi carefully applied her makeup, choosing natural colors, and then she polished her long nails.

Just as Sandi was waiting for her nail polish to dry, her sister Allison appeared in her doorway.

“Sissy,” called Allison from the doorway, “Daddy and I are going to church now. Are you coming?”

Sissy. That was Allison’s nickname for her older sister. Sandi really hated that nickname, but knew her baby sister always meant it with affection. The two girls fought like most sisters do, but they loved each other like crazy. There is nothing they wouldn’t do for each other. Allison was turning into a beautiful girl. She was just beginning to develop and was already growing taller than Sandi. Sandi inherited her mother’s short height, but Allison was going to be tall like their father. She and Sandi looked alike....same red, coppery hair, same deep green eyes, it was almost like looking in a mirror. Once Allison was fully developed, she and Sandi could pass for twins.

Sandi responded to Allison’s question: “No, Alley, you and Dad go on without me and have fun.”

Allison went to inform their father of Sandi’s decision. He came in to Sandi’s bedroom.

“You’re dressed awfully pretty, baby girl, do you have a date?” teased Mr. Walsh.

Sandi smiled at her father. How she loved her father. He was handsome, 6’2, and built like a football player. He had the biggest hands Sandi had ever seen. He was firm with his girls, but fair. Since Sandi always had shown good judgement and level headedness, he had lifted many of the rules for Sandi since she turned 18, like her curfew. He treated her like an adult because she behaved like an adult.

Sandi told her father, yes, she did have a date and told him about John and how she had met him.

“He’s showing me around Liverpool today, Dad. He will be here at noon and I am going to make lunch for us. Oh, he’s so wonderful!” Sandi gushed, her eyes sparkling.

Mr. Walsh smiled slightly at his daughter and remarked, “Yes, he does sound like a very nice boy, but do be careful, I know you will. Well, I already know he has good taste, he chose you!” He laughed and gave Sandi a hug.

“Oh, Daddy!” Sandi exclaimed and she gave her father a kiss on the cheek.

Allison and Mr. Walsh finally left for church. It was already 10:30. Only 90 more minutes and my Winston will be here.

Sandi decided to prepare chicken sandwiches,a green salad and a fruit salad for dessert. Just as she was setting the fruit salad in the refrigerator, the doorbell rang.

Oh no!! He’s early! I’m not quite ready. It’s only 11:15.

Sandi raced to the door to find Raechel, Monica and another girl who sometimes hung around with the 3 girls named Carol standing there. Sandi was half relieved, half disappointed.

“Oh, it’s just you guys,” Sandi said flatly.

“Well, it’s always a pleasure to see you too, Miss Thing!” remarked Carol sarcastically.

“I’m sorry,” said Sandi. “I thought you were somebody else. Please, do come in.”

Sandi and Raechel told Monica and Carol all about what happened at the Cavern Club and about how the boys drove them home. Monica was green with envy and she regretted missing all the fun. Carol on the other hand was distant. She thought it was silly.

What a bitch Carol has been lately. Why do we even hang out with her? Sandi wondered to herself, frowning.

Sandi couldn’t stand the suspense any longer. “Well, Raech, spill it.” Sandi said. Sandi was dying to find out how the date with Paul went. Raechel said the date was a disaster. Paul took her to the matinee. The matinee was showing a classic movie, “Gone With the Wind”, Sandi’s favorite movie of all time. They got to the movie late and couldn’t get a good seat. Unfortunately, they were forced to sit behind this lady with a huge beehive hairdo whose date was wearing a big both Raechel’s and Paul’s view of the movie was completely obstructed. They got fed up and left, then Paul took Raechel out to get a hamburger. Raechel couldn’t get the catsup out of the bottle, so she gave the bottle a very hard smack. The catsup came out then, right onto Paul’s brand new shirt! Sandi and Monica were laughing hysterically.

“It’s not funny, you guys,” whined Raechel. “Paul was really mad that I doused him with catsup.”

“I’m sure Paul is over it by now.” Monica stated.

“It was only an accident, you didn’t mean to do it,” added Sandi,trying to supress her laughter.

“I’m sure pretty boy has plenty other shirts,” Carol cracked.

Raechel gave Carol a dirty look. Sandi thought Raechel was going to say something to Carol, but she didn’t.

Raechel finished the story. She said after the catsup incident, Paul drove her home and didn’t even say goodbye to her. “He’ll never want to see me again,” cried Raechel.

“Oh, I’m sure he’ll come around,” Sandi said.

“If he is going to hold a grudge over something like that, who needs him?!” Monica added.

“Yeah, who needs him!” agreed Raechel.

“Sandi, you are looking quite chipper this morning. Is there something you need to tell us?” Raechel inquired slyly.

“Yeah, c’mon, girl, you got something to say. Don’t keep us in suspense any longer!” added Monica.

Sandi was beaming from ear to ear. She told them all about John and last night. “I think I’m in love with him, you guys,” Sandi sighed.

“You said you didn’t want anything to do with guys,” Carol said.

“Well, after last night, I changed my mind. Or should I say, Winston changed it for me. He’s wonderful, he’s different from any other guy I’ve ever met.” cooed Sandi.

Monica was speechless. Carol just sniffed. Raechel was the only one who seemed happy about the news. She ran over to Sandi and hugged her.

Just then, the doorbell rang again. This time it was John. Sandi jumped up from her spot at the kitchen table and practically ran for the door. Raechel, Monica and Carol were still sitting around the kitchen table, discussing what Sandi had just told them.

“I think it’s wonderful,” Raechel said happily. “Good for her. John seems like a really sweet guy. I hope he’s the one and the two of them go off and live happily ever after.Sandi deserves all the happiness in the world.”

Monica, however,was a bit concerned. “I just hope she will be careful. After all the hurt she went through with Tony, I’d hate to see her suffer like that again.”

Carol as usual was the negative one. “I think she is crazy. There is no way Sandi can be in love with John after only knowing him for two days. He’ll sweet talk her for awhile just so he can get her into bed, then he’ll drop her like a bad habit. If Sandi even thinks that John could be in love with her, then she is stupid!” she scoffed.

Sandi appeared in the doorway just then. She had heard it all.

Chapter Ten

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