Until There Was You, Ch. 8

Chapter Eight

John looked Sandi up and down and whistled. “Wow, girl, you look fabulous!”

“Thank you,” replied Sandi, “you’re looking pretty good yourself.”

“So where are we going tonight?” Sandi asked sweetly.

“Well, how about The Jacaranda? Have you ever been there before?”

“No, I haven’t actually, I have only lived in Liverpool for a short time, so I haven’t really had a chance to see much of the local sites, being busy with school and work.”

“Well, I will just have to be your tour guide then!” John laughed. “Say, why did you move to Liverpool?”

“My father wanted to move back here. He was born here. He’s a lawyer and he just moved his firm over here. We used to live in the states. Los Angeles, California to be exact. I was born in L.A. My mother was American. She was a California girl, too.”

“I reckoned you were a Yank by your accent! And a Californian to boot!”

“How did you know I was a Californian?” Sandi asked incredulously.

“The west coast accent gives you away, me lady!I’m not makin’ fun of your accent, luv, I think it’s sexy.”

“Well, thank you.” responded Sandi as she averted her eyes and blushed.

Sandi and John were so engrossed in their conversation that they almost missed the Jacaranda club.

“Oops, here it is,” said John. He held the door of the club open for Sandi. “After you, luv,” he said as he bowed deeply.

The Jacaranda wasn’t too crowded for a Saturday night and both Sandi and John were glad. That way they’d be able to sit and talk without shouting over the crowd that normally congregated here on Saturday nights. Sandi thought the Jacaranda club was charming. The club was dimly lit and had a candle burning on each table. There was a jukebox in the corner with all of the best music. The atmosphere of the club was very friendly. There was a full menu to choose from if one was hungry.

Sandi and John chose a quiet little booth in the back corner of the club and ordered coffee. Sandi and John also ordered a slice of apple pie.When the coffee and pie arrived, John handed Sandi her piece of pie and said, “Here, try this; I made it myself!” and winked at her. Sandi just smiled and laughed. Winston, you are so charming and funny.

The pie and coffee were delicious. “Winston, you were right. This place does have amazing pie and coffee.”

“See, I told ya. Did you doubt the official tour guide of Liddypool?”

“Oh, no, I never would do that!” chuckled Sandi.

Sandi and John spent a very long time at The Jacaranda. They sat at that booth for several hours, just talking and getting to know one another. Sandi and John found things they had in common. One thing they shared was sad: both of them had lost their mothers. Sandi’s mom passed away 3 years ago from cancer.

“I really miss my mom,” Sandi told John with great sadness. “I think of her everyday. She was my best friend.”

Sandi could feel herself starting to cry as she said that. John saw this and put his arm around Sandi.

“It’s alright, luv,” he said in a comforting tone. “I miss me mum everyday too. She was run down by some bastard who was driving drunk. I know how you feel.”

Sandi looked at John’s face and she could see tears forming in his eyes.

“Oh, Winston, I am so sorry.” Sandi said to him in a kind tone. She reached for John’s hand and held it in hers. He still had his arm around Sandi. The two of them sat like that for a very long time, not speaking.

John finally gained his composure and looked at Sandi smiling. “Are you alright now, luv?” he asked her.

“Yeah,” she answered. “I’m all right.”

“Do you like to dance?” he asked Sandi.

“Oh yes, I love dancing!” she exclaimed.

“Gear! I know a really cool place for dancing called the Blue Angel Club. Would you like to go there?” he asked excitedly.

“Oh Winston, I’d love it!” squealed Sandi.

They headed to the Blue Angel Club. It was just a few blocks away from the Jackaranda. The Blue Angel was more crowded than the Jacaranda. Several couples were out on the dance floor doing the twist, the jerk and all the other latest dances. The Blue Angel had live music every Saturday night. A band called The Undertakers was playing on this particular night. They mostly played cover versions and did quite well especially with the song “Lucille”, by Little Richard.

“Paul’s Little Richard interpretations are miles better than these guys,” John informed Sandi. “You gotta hear Paulie’s version sometime.”

Speaking of Paul, Sandi started to wonder how Raechel and Paul’s date went. Raechel is gonna be so shocked when she hears that I was out with Winston tonight!!! Monica will drop dead when she hears what Raechel and I have been doing!

Sandi, Sandi, hello, anyone in there?!” John was calling to her. “I asked you if you want to dance?”

Sandi had been so engrossed in that thought she hadn’t heard John ask her. “Oh, I’m sorry, Winston. Yeah, I’d love to dance with you.”

John and Sandi took to the dance floor. The band had chose to play, coincidentally, “To Know Her is to Love Her”, the very same song that had turned Sandi to mush when John crooned it on stage last night. Sandi smiled as she thought of this.

John took Sandi in his arms and held her close to him. Sandi rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. John could smell her strawberry scented shampoo and the Chanel perfume she wore. Intoxicating, John thought to himself. She is so soft and warm in my arms, I never want to let her go. Sandi could feel John’s breath on her ear and he began to softly croon the song in her ear as they swayed to the music:

To know know know her
Is to love love love her
Just to see her smile,
Makes my life worthwhile
To know know know her
Is to love, love love her
And I do.

Oh that song...that beautiful song,this is so incredibly perfect. I don’t ever want this moment to end. Oh Winston, I’m think I’m falling in love with you!

Before they knew it, the song was over. They danced a few more dances, then decided to call it a night. John and Sandi took their time walking back to Sandi’s house. “Do you have a long way to walk to your home?” asked Sandi.

“Not at all, luv. I live just around the corner from you on Menlove Avenue with me auntie!”

“Ohmigod!!! This is so unreal. We have lived this close to one another all this time and we only just met last night!” exclaimed Sandi.

John and Sandi laughed about that. “Fate brought you to me, luv,” said John tenderly. “I am a firm believer in fate.”

“So am I, Winston, so am I.” concurred Sandi.

They arrived at Sandi’s doorstep far too quickly. “Well, this is my stop.” said Sandi.

“Yeah,” said John rather sadly. “I had a lovely time. Could I see you tomorrow? I could show you round Liddypool.”

“Oh, I’d love it!”squealed Sandi. “Come over about noon tomorrow, ok? I’ll make us some lunch. Would you like that?” Sandi inquired.

“I’d love it! I will be here at noon tomorrow, madame!!”

Sandi was beaming. John stepped closer to Sandi and put his arms around her waist. Sandi wrapped her arms around John’s neck.

“Thank you for a wonderful evening, Winston,” she whispered softly.

“No-thank you,” he whispered back. They continued to hold one another, then John put his face closer to Sandi’s. Sandi closed her eyes and John kissed her softly on the lips. Sandi’s heart was hammering in her chest and she shivered from the excitement of that soft, warm kiss.When they pulled away, John smiled a big, goofy grin at her.

“G’night luv,” John whispered.

“Goodnight, Winston,” Sandi whispered back as they reluctantly let go of one another.

Sandi entered her home and watched John walk down the street to Menlove Avenue. Sandi then got ready for bed and fell into a deep, peaceful sleep with dreams of John.

Chapter Nine

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