Until There Was You, Ch. 7

Chapter Seven

Time pased slowly for Sandi for the rest of the day. All she could think of was the forthcoming date. She began having second thoughts about the date and she was a nervous wreck. I must tell Winston tonight why I can’t get involved with him. I can’t go through that hurt again. I’ll tell Winston we can just be friends. Yeah, that’s it, friends. He’ll understand, I’m sure. But damn he is so witty and cute--that doesn’t make this easy. Dammit, Winston, why do you have to be so irresistible?!

The appointed hour finally arrived. Sandi helped Brian close up shop. They counted all the money in the registers and proceeded to straighten up. Sandi and Brian were behind the counter tidying up.

“Hey, Sandi,” asked Brian, “who’s that fellow flirting with you through the window?”

Sandi looked out the window and nearly dropped her feather duster. She saw John peering in the window at her. He was making faces at her. She laughed out loud. He smiled and winked at her then began to blow kisses at her. She smiled at him and began to blush.

“That’s my new friend, John Lennon,” Sandi explained. “I met him last night at the Cavern Club. He has this really cool band. They’re called The Beatles. The Beatles are the regular house band at the Cavern. I believe someday The Beatles will be bigger than Elvis! You really should go and check them out.” she gushed.

“I’m a bit too old to be hanging around in beat clubs,” Brian told Sandi. “That’s for you young folks.”

Sandi didn’t hear a word Brian said. She was fixated on John; she couldn’t take her eyes off him. He was doing a funny little dance now and continued to blow kisses at her. Winston, you are making this really hard for me.I am so attracted to you, but I can’t get involved with you.

“Earth to Sandi, HELLO,” Brian shouted and laughed. “It looks as if that boy really has a thing for you and by the way you’re acting now, I’d say the feeling is mutual!”

Sandi definitely heard that.

“Brian,” Sandi said seriously, “Yes, I am very attracted to him, but I can’t get involved with him. I can’t go through what I went through with Tony.You know that.”

Yes, Brian knew what had happened with Tony. In the 1 year that Sandi had worked for NEMS, she and Brian were not only boss and employee, they were also friends. Sandi confided in him. She trusted him. Brian was the only man besides her father that she trusted fully. Brian also knew that Sandi had several opportunites to go out on dates since breaking up with Tony, but she wouldn’t give those fellows the time of day. Sandi was a beautiful girl, boys were attracted to her, but she just wasn’t interested in them. Brian knew that deep down Sandi really did want a boyfriend, but she had built up this wall around herself. As her friend, Brian felt that he should offer Sandi some advice, but he must choose his words carefully.

Brian was silent for a few moments and then finally spoke up. “Sandi,” Brian said softly as they walked to the cloakroom to retrieve their coats, “if you like this boy, I think you should pursue it. You can’t allow one bad relationship to sour you on all men. If you do, you are going to wind up very lonely. Take a chance. You never know, he may be THE ONE! You should be out there dating and enjoying yourself. Don’t shut John out. Give him a chance.”

Sandi stood in the cloakroom in silence, pondering what Brian had just said. She knew in her heart he was right.

How will I ever find true love if I won’t let anyone get close to me? Give Winston a chance.

Sandi turned to Brian and put her hand on his shoulder. “Yes,Brian, you are right. I know that. I’m just scared, that’s all. I’ve been bitten once and I don’t want it to happen again.” Tears were beginning to well up in Sandi’s eyes. She wiped at them, hoping Brian didn’t notice.

Brian gave Sandi a hug and gently spoke, “It’s alright, dear. Don’t you cry now. Go out with John and just enjoy yourself. Whatever happens, happens.”

“Yes, yes I will. I will go out with John and have a great time tonight, thank you, Brian. You are such a good friend.”

“The pleasure was all mine. Now get out of here, girl! Don’t keep that boy waiting any longer!” Brian ordered.

“Goodnight, Brian.” Sandi called out as she ran out the door to meet John,who was standing under the street lamp,waiting and smiling. Their first date was about to begin.

Chapter Eight

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