Until There Was You, Ch. 6

Chapter Six

John woke up early the following morning. He was still thinking of HER. He was remembering her beautiful coppery, fiery, red hair and how he would love to be able to run his fingers through her soft mane. Oh and those eyes!!! He wanted to just sit and stare into her gorgeous bright, shiny green eyes that reminded him of precious emeralds. He thought of her soft lips and how he would love to hold her close and plant a tender kiss on those lips. He had fallen in love with her at first sight....he had only known her for a couple of hours the night before, but that had given him ample time for her to be the object of his desire.

Meanwhile, Sandi was just waking up and was greeting the early morning light. The sun had just begun to peek over the horizon. Sandi rose slowly from her night’s slumber and she stretched and yawned. She thought of last night. She was thinking about John. She thought of his wit and how he made her laugh, how sexy she thought he was and how she wished he had kissed her. Oh, Winston, I am so attracted to you, but I am so, so scared. I don’t want to go through what Tony put me through again.

DAMN YOU TONY!!! Sandi shouted mentally.

Just at that moment, the telephone on her nightstand began to ring, Sandi was cozy under her goosedown comforter and reluctantly moved to answer the ringing phone.

It was Raechel calling.

“Oh, Sandi, Sandi, Sandi, you’ll never guess what!!” exclaimed Raechel. “Paul asked me out!”

“That’s great, Raechel,” replied Sandi.

“He is taking me to see a matinee this afternoon and then we’re going to spend the day together!!” squealed Raechel.

Sandi looked over at the clock on her nightstand. Oh no!!! It was 8:30 am!!! Sandi had to be to work at 9, she was going to be late.

“Raech, I don’t mean to cut you off but I gotta go. I’m gonna be late for work. Let me know how the date goes, ok?”

“I’ll let you know. Bye, Sandi.”

Sandi hurried up and got ready for work and out the door she flew.

Miraculously, she made it to her job with one minute to spare. Fortunately for Sandi, her job wasn’t too far from her home. Sandi worked at North End Music Stores, or NEMS for short. NEMS was a huge place. The lower level of the store was where appliances were sold and the upper level was a huge record store. Sandi worked in the record department as a salesgirl. She kept the records on the shelves and rang up customers. Sandi worked at NEMS 3 weekdays and all day on Saturday. She was saving her money to buy a car and to pay for her college education. Upon arriving to work, she saw her boss.

“Hello, Mr. Epstein,” said Sandi.

“Good morning, Sandi,” Mr. Epstein replied cheerfully. “Now what have I told you before? Please call me Brian. When I hear the name Mr. Epstein, I start looking around for my father!!!”

Sandi laughed and said, “I’ll try to remember that in the future,Mr. Ep-oops, I meant Brian.”

Brian smiled proudly at Sandi and ruffled her hair.

“That’s more like it.” he responded.

Sandi liked Brian. He was a wonderful boss to work for. He was very charming and handsome. Sandi noticed he never had a girlfriend. Sandi knew of several women who would have loved to capture the elusive Brian Epstein, but Brian didn’t seem to be interested,she just chalked it up to Brian’s shyness.Besides his mother, Sandi was the only other female Brian could interact with easily.

Today was Saturday, the busiest day of the week for NEMS. Sandi liked it that way as it made the day pass quickly. The store finally began to slow down around 3pm and Sandi was behind the counter cleaning the shelves. She happened to hear someone come in at that moment.

“I’ll be right with you,” Sandi called out to the customer without turning around.

“I can wait, no hurry,” responded the customer.

That voice oh that voice!!! No,it couldn’t be.....WINSTON!!

Sandi turned around slowly to face the customer and sure enough, it was John.

John’s face lit up when he saw Sandi. She’s so beautiful. Oh, Sandi, do you know what you do to me?

“Well, hello, luv!” John finally said, breaking the silence. “I didn’t know you worked here.”

“Why, hello there, Winston,” Sandi responded sweetly, “what brings you here?”

“I come in here to browse occasionally and today I wanted to check and see if you have any new songs by Chuck Berry.”

“Let me check and see, ok?” Sandi checked behind the counter...there weren’t any. “Sorry, no Chuck Berry behind here, but let me check on the sales floor. Follow me.”

“With pleasure.”

Did he just put emphasis on the word pleasure? thought Sandi. No, you’re just imagining it, get back to work.

John followed Sandi out to the sales floor. She searched for some Chuck Berry, but to no avail.

“Sorry,” Sandi said apologetically, “No Chuck Berry here either. I’ll go and ask Brian and he can order some for you. I’ll be right back.”

It’s now or never, Lennon, ask her, go on, ask her.

NO WAIT!” John almost shouted. “Sandi, please wait. There’s something I need to ask you. I may muck this up a bit so please wait til I’m done before you respond, ok?”

Sandi did as he requested and silently waited for his question, her heart pounding.

John began, “Uh, Sandi, I-I-would,uh, oh shit, why can’t I just do this?! I, uh want to know if, uh umm ,if you would like to uh, oh crap!!! go out with me after you get off work tonight, that is if you don’t have any plans? There, I said it! So,Miss Walsh, how ’bout it?”

Sandi was speechless. She was screaming with joy on the inside. She flashed John a 100-watt smile and replied, “Yes, Winston, I would be honored! I get done at 5, meet me here in front of the store then, ok?”

“Gear!” John said; he was in heaven. “I will see you at 5 then, me lady.” John then proceeded to dash out of the store.

“Winston, what about your Chuck Berry record? Do you want me to have Brian order a copy for you?” Sandi called out.

“No, never you mind about that, luv. I’ll be back here at 5. See ya then.” John ran out the door.

Sandi was ecstatic. Five o’clock couldn’t arrive soon enough for her.

Chapter Seven

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