Until There Was You, Ch. 5

Chapter Five

Paul brought his car around the front of the Cavern. Everyone piled in. Paul was at the wheel and Raechel hurriedly got into the car and seated herself in between George and Paul. Sandi was seated in the back seat between Pete and John. Right next to John, oh yes, wonderful. Sandi and John were scrunched in rather tightly in the back. Not that John or Sandi minded, though. Her’s and John’s legs were touching. Sandi felt a shiver go down her spine when John’s leg brushed against hers. She could smell the scent of John’s aftershave and the faint hint of tobacco mixed in.

Heavenly, thought Sandi to herself. Sandi found his masculine scent intoxicating. She was on cloud nine.

It was a long ride home, but everyone enjoyed themselves. The girls found much to talk about with the fellas. Sandi and Raechel told them all about their families and school. The boys shared their stories of their first trip to Hamburg, in August of 1960, but politely left out the more racy details of the adventure. They also informed the girls that they were scheduled for another engagement in Hamburg starting next month. Also,they shared the story of how they got the gig at the Cavern.

They discussed the kinds of music they enjoyed and Paul explained why he held his guitar in that funny fashion.

“I tried to play me guitar the right-handed way, but couldn’t play it, so one day, by accident, I discovered playing it upside down works better for me, then I took me guitar and got her restrung,” Paul told the girls.

Raechel hung onto every word Paul said. She would laugh at anything Paul said that was even remotely funny. She would smile, and coo and giggle in the front seat and bat those mascaraed baby blues of hers at him. She had flirting down to an art form.

All of them discussed the show at the Cavern. Sandi and Raechel expressed enthusiastically how much they enjoyed the show and told the boys that this was the very first time they’d ever been to The Cavern.

“I hope it won’t be the last.” John said to Sandi with a sparkle in his eye.

John looked at Sandi and thought, God she’s beautiful. She’s so funny and smart. She’s so different from all the other birds I’ve met...I must get to know her better...she is the first girl I’ve ever been able to really talk to. Should I ask her out??

Pete was the first one to be dropped off. He lived in West Derby. The girls told him goodnight and that it was nice to meet him. “Yeah,” he grunted as he exited the car. Sandi and Raechel thought Pete was very unfriendly; they didn’t like him at all. He was good looking, that was for sure, but he had the personality of a Q Tip.

“Man he is a talker, doesn’t he ever shut up?” Sandi asked wide-eyed, mock seriously. Raechel giggled at Sandi’s remark.

“Bah, don’t mind Pete,” John informed Sandi, “he’s always been moody. He always lands the tastiest birds, though. The girls dig that quiet,brooding type, I s’pose. The girls are just coming to see Pete when we play anywhere.”

“I don’t believe that!” Raechel exclaimed.

“Me either, I certainly didn’t come to see Pete,” Sandi added. “Well,” John leered at Sandi and in his best old geezer impersonation asked, “who did ya come to then, Sandi, luv?”

Sandi thought about how she should respond and then quickly answered: “I came to see all of you. I heard your band was good and I wanted to check it out.” Yeah I came to see the band and listen to the music, but when I saw you Winston, I wanted to check you out, you sexy thing.

“Pete’s mum runs a club in her basement. It’s called the Casbah, we play there sometimes,” John remarked.

“Well, we’ll just have to come and see you play a gig there too.” Sandi said.

“Oh yeah, we will have to come and see you boys MUCH more often.” Raechel added.

George hadn’t said too much during the car ride. He was the next person to be dropped off. George was a very nice boy, but painfully shy. He was quiet, but unlike Pete, he seemed very likeable. George lived in a lovely little home in the suburb of Speke.

“Nice meeting you girls,” George said cheerfully.

“See ya, Hari,” John and Paul chimed as George exited the car.

Well, now that left just the two couples, John and Sandi in the back seat, Paul and Raechel in the front seat. Sandi noticed that John was still sitting very close to her even though there was now much more room in the back seat. This made Sandi smile and sigh dreamily.

Damn!!! Sandi thought, my house is next!!!

Sandi gave Paul directions to her house and the two couples arrived to Sandi’s far too quickly for her liking.

As Sandi exited the car she said sincerely, “Thank you, Paul, for the ride and it was a pleasure to meet you.”

“Likewise,” replied Paul, “hope to see you around.”

Just as Sandi was preparing to say goodnight to John, John asked very sweetly, “May I walk you to your door, please Miss Walsh?”

“Oh, that would be lovely, Winston,” Sandi replied.

Sandi and Raechel said their goodbyes and then John proceeded to exit the car and walk Sandi to her doorstep.

“G’night, luv,” John said.

“Yeah, goodnight, Winston, and thank you.” Sandi said rather sadly. She was sorry the night was over and was beginning to miss John already. Is he gonna kiss me goodnight???!! Oh yes,Winston, please kiss me, NO wait don’t!! Oh yes!! Please kiss me!!! NO don’t!!! Sandi couldn’t decide if she wanted him to kiss her or not.

John moved closer to Sandi. He leaned over and was going to kiss her, but he chickened out.

Oh, bloody hell!! Just do it, Lennon!!! John thought, but he couldn’t. He was feeling just as nervous as Sandi was.

He stood at Sandi’s doorstep and watched her enter her house, gazing lovingly at her as she entered the doorway.

Sandi entered her doorwway then turned to face John.

“Goodnight, Winston, sweet dreams,” she said softly and gave him a faint smile. He smiled back at her and said in a whisper, “Goodnight,Miss Walsh,” then he turned and slowly walked back to Paul’s car.J ohn rode the rest of the trip in silence. All he could think about was Sandi.

Chapter Six

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