Until There Was You, Ch. 4

Chapter Four

Sandi, smiled at John and said sweetly, “Why, it’s quite a pleasure to meet you, Winston. May I call you Winston?”

“Call me anything you like, luv,” John said slyly.

“Allow me to introduce to you my best friend in the whole world, Raechel Jackson,” responded Sandi.

John looked at Raechel and smiled. He extended his hand so he could shake Raechel’s.

“Ello, there Raech, luv,” said John. Raechel was speechless. Raechel was turning a deep shade of crimson, that was a rarity for her. She was always so bold with boys.

John said to Raechel and Sandi, “Allow me to introduce me mates to you. This fella here is Paul McCartney, you can call him Macca. This is little George Harrison of Speke, and this moody fella’s trouble is Pete Best!”

“Hello, there,” all 3 fellows said simultaneously.

“Well,Winston,” said Sandi, “it’s been a pleasure but we gotta go now.”

“Wait a minute there, luv,” John said as he leered at Sandi, “ya didn’t tell me yer name.”

“My name is Walsh, Sandi Walsh.”

“Well, it’s a real pleasure to meet you Walsh, Sandi Walsh!” John replied and then he took Sandi’s hand and kissed it and bowed before her.

Not only is he extremely sexy, he’s also charming!!! Oh no!!!

“Glad to see that chivalry isn’t dead after all!!” Sandi wisecracked.

John chuckled at Sandi’s remark and replied, “Cheeky aren’t ya,luv? I like that in a woman! Bet you’re a real moaner and a scratcher, eh?!” Sandi giggled and blushed. Sandi began to make her way down the corridor with John walking along beside her, Raechel and the 3 other band members were trailing behind. Sandi said to John and the other guys, “It was nice meeting you all, but Raechel and I really need to get going now if we’re going to make it in time to catch our bus.”

Speaking of Raechel, she was awfully quiet and had barely spoken to anyone since meeting the fellows. How incredibly odd, thought Sandi as she observed this. Raechel was never at a loss for words with boys. Raechel was always flirting with boys and teasing them, but on this particular night, Sandi’s best friend was struck mute. None of the other 3 fellows were talking much either.

One of the other fellows finally spoke up: “I regret to inform you girls, but the last bus out of Mathew Street has left for the night.” The band member that this Liverpool voice belonged to was Paul McCartney. Sandi had noticed him briefly onstage and had thought it really unusual how Paul held his guitar.

“Oh, great!” Raechel finally spoke up, “what are we gonna do, Sandi? How are we gonna get back home now? We’re stranded!” Raechel’s voice took on an alarmed tone...she was practically shrieking.

“No, no, Raech, it’s ok,” Sandi said as she tried to soothe her friend’s fears, “we can find a pay phone and call a cab. Just calm down.” Sandi patted Raechel’s arm.

“You don’t have to do that,” Paul remarked, “I’ve got me car; I would be happy to drive you girls home.”

“Well, thank you, Paul,” Sandi replied, “but we don’t want to be a bother.”

“No bother at all,” said Paul sweetly, “I’m happy to do it!”

“Oh ,Paul, thank you, thank you!” Raechel squealed and jumped up and down. She was beginning to recover from her mute spell.

“I gotta drop the fellas off too,” Paul explained, “so my car may be a little bit crowded, hope you don’t mind.”

“Oh Paul, we don’t mind at all!” Raechel said as she smiled sweetly at Paul and batted her eyelashes. Raechel cooed: “You are such a sweetheart to offer us girls a ride home. What a gentleman you are, Paul McCartney!”

Paul gave Raechel a million dollar smile. He blushed furiously and said to Raechel, “It’s my pleasure really.”

Paul then said, “Now wait here and I’ll go round back and get my car.”

Raechel waved excitedly to Paul as he walked away then whispered to Sandi, “He is such a babe!”

Raechel had set her cap for Paul then and there. Sandi looked at John standing next to her. He was smiling at her with pure admiration. God he’s handsome. I just know these feelings are going to get me into trouble. What to do, what to do.

Chapter Five

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