Until There Was You, Ch. 3
Chapter Three

The crowd went absolutely wild. The boys in the audience were cheering and the girls were screaming and some of the girls even fainted, probably due to the fetid air as much as the excitement of seeing The Beatles. Sandi and Raechel had never witnessed anything like this before. Sure, they had seen crowds go wild for Elvis, but that was just on television, not in person. Sandi and Raechel were just awestruck.

The boys on stage were like nothing Sandi had ever seen before either. All four of them were dressed entirely in leather.They smoked and ate while they sang. They would joke with each other and pretend to hit one another.

Totally unprofessional, thought Sandi to herself, however she found herself quite captivated with them. She could not tear herself away from looking at them, especially the tall, skinny, auburn-haired one who was the loudest of the group. Sandi assumed he was the group’s leader.

He sure is a loudmouth, but damn is he cute!!! Sandi mused.

The Beatles performed their set and then the tall, skinny, loud one went into a rendition of the song “To Know Her is to Love Her.”

Sandi melted. Oh my God he is soooo sexy!!! What a beautiful voice!!! As Sandi was trying to recover from this fit of passion, she noticed something...that tall, skinny, auburn-haired boy was looking directly at her!!!!! And he was smiling at her!!!

What a beautiful smile you have, oh please, please don’t look at me that way!!! thought Sandi. Sandi’s head was telling her to forget him, but Sandi’s heart was saying: “GO FOR IT!!”

When he was through crooning the song, he winked at Sandi and gave her another one of those gorgeous smiles. Sandi blushed, and smiled back at him.

Raechel had witnessed all of this. She looked at Sandi and said excitedly, “I think he likes you! Oh look out! You go girl!”

“Oh, cut it out, Raech,” Sandi said, “he probably does that with all the girls here.” Sandi had really enjoyed his flirting, but didn’t want to admit it to Raechel or even to herself.

“Now come on, Sandi, all boys aren’t jerks like Tony.” Raechel pointed out.

“Maybe not, but I don’t care to find out, at least not now anyway,” Sandi remarked.

The Beatles continued to play more songs. Sandi and Raechel enjoyed themselves thoroughly.They sat in their seats and listened intently to the songs The Beatles were performing.

Wow, these guys are talented, Sandi observed, they are really going to go places, I can feel it. The tall, skinny, auburn-haired boy continued to look Sandi over all through their set. Sandi’s attraction to this boy was growing more and more with each song.

Before they knew it, The Beatles’ set was over. The mob was so thick, Sandi and Raechel had to wait for a very long time before they could get out of the Cavern; in fact they were the last ones to leave.

As they waited for the crowd to disperse, Raechel turned to Sandi and asked, “Do you think we have time to use the ladies’ room before the club closes?”

Sandi replied, “Well, I guess so, but we better hurry. We don’t want to get locked in here for the night. I don’t even know where the ladies’ room is.”

“Yeah, we better start looking for the little girl’s room then,” Raechel remarked.

Sandi and Raechel searched the corridors, but no ladies room. Sandi saw another corridor and said, “Come on. It has to be down that hallway. We have already checked the others, so it has to be there. Let’s go. We gotta hurry!”

Sandi and Raechel proceeded down the long, dark corridor.

“This is getting really spooky, Sandi,” Raechel said, her knuckles whitening. “It’s dark down here and we are going to get lost!”

The girls continued to walk down the corridor and search for the ladies room.

“Oh, look, there’s a door down there! Let’s go!” said Sandi.

Sandi and Raechel rushed to the door and just as they neared the large door a figure popped into view. Sandi let out a scream and Raechel nearly fainted!

“Oh, forgive me,” the figure in the darkness said to the girls, “didn’t mean to frighten you.” The figure’s voice had a Liverpool accent, a very, masculine Liverpool accent.

Sandi was beginning to have those passionate thoughts again, but she stopped herself immediately.

“It’s no problem, really,” said Raechel sweetly.

“We thought everybody in the club was gone,” Sandi added.

“We were looking for the ladies’ room,” Raechel explained.

“The ladies’ room is that door on yer left, luv.” The figure informed the two girls.

“Thank you,” said Sandi and Raechel in unison.

Sandi and Raechel went in the ladies’ room. Sandi was checking herself out in the mirror. Oh my hair is a mess...can’t let him see me this way. Better freshen my makeup a bit...want to look good. Oh God, what am I doing?! I don’t even know that guy!! He’s probably married anyhow. Get a grip girl!!!Raechel’s comment snapped Sandi out of her thoughts:

“For somebody who isn’t interested in getting a boyfriend, you sure are taking great pains to look your best!” Raechel teased.

“Shut up, Raech and let’s get outta here!” laughed Sandi.

When they exited the ladies room, four figures were out in the hall. One of them approached Sandi and said with the sexiest voice Sandi had ever heard: “Ello! I’m John Winston Lennon! What’s yer name, luv?”

Chapter Four

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