Until There Was You, Ch. 24

Chapter Twenty-Four

The Beatles had been in Hamburg for about 2 weeks when Brian secured them an appointment to audition for George Martin of Parlophone Records. The Beatles, Brian, and Sandi were thrilled!

When Brian returned from London, he offered Sandi an accounting position with NEMS. He was giving up the shop and was going to become a rock manager. He was going manage other groups besides The Beatles. NEMS would now be a business that managed rock stars.

Sandi accepted Brain’s offer. She was to start immediately even though she didn’t have her degree yet. Sandi wouldn’t have to job hunt, a job was already hers. Brian was thrilled, he could keep Sandi with him now, that was what he wanted all along.

When the boys got back from Hamburg, a party was given by Raechel’s boyfriend, Greg.Raechel had been seeing Greg for about 6 months and they were pretty serious. He was a stockbroker and he was loaded. He was almost twice Raechel’s age, but he fit in really well with everyone. He had a big house in the poshest part of Liverpool where Brian came from. Greg knew how to throw a party. He always had the best music and the finest food at his parties. Sandi, John, Paul, George and even Pete were there. Monica and Brian were also there. Paul got drunk and couldn’t drive home so he spent the night at Greg’s. Sandi and John had a great time at the party.

John and Sandi left the party early to go home and spend some time alone.

When Sandi unlocked their door, John in one impulsive move, swept Sandi up in his arms and carried her over the threshold. Sandi and John were laughing and enjoying themselves.

John put Sandi on the sofa and climbed on top of her. He kissed her deeply and as he stared into her eyes he said, “That was practice.”

Sandi smiled at him and asked sweetly, “That was practice for what,Winston?” She hadn’t made the connection just yet.

“Practice for our wedding night, Kitten.” John said and kissed her again.

Sandi smiled at him again and kissed him on his nose. “Oh,I see” she said slyly. She thought John was kidding with her. She giggled.

“I’m serious, Kitten.” he told her. “I want to marry you.”

“Oh Winston!” Sandi squealed. “Are you serious, really?”

“Straight up. I love you, Kitten, and I want you to be my wife.”

Sandi was laughing and crying all at once. “Yes, oh yes, I’ll marry you! I love you, my Winston!”

John and Sandi began to plan their wedding.

Chapter Twenty-Five

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