Until There Was You, Ch. 21

Chapter Twenty-One

“Hello, I’m Brian Epstein,” Brian said to the fellows.

“What brings you here, Mr. Epstein?” George asked, rather sarcastically.

“Sandi,” Brian asked sweetly, “could you and the girls leave us alone for a moment to talk in private?”

Sandi was utterly confused. What could Brian want with the boys? After a minute of silence, Sandi finally said, “C’mon, girls, let’s go wait outside.”

Sandi, Raechel and Monica went back out to the seats they had been in. Sandi was very quiet, trying to figure out what Brian wanted from them.

After what seemed like an eternity, Brian and the boys emerged. Brian said his goodbyes to everyone.

John and the fellas had a look of sheer excitement on their faces.

John and the fellas came running up to Sandi and the girls and exclaimed, “Brian wants to manage us!!”

Sandi was dumbstruck. Brian doesn’t know anything about managing a rock band! He’s a shop owner, not Colonel Tom Parker.

Sandi, John, the fellas, and the girls all went to Ye Cracke to celebrate this success. The boys filled Sandi and the girls in on what Brian had told them:

“Mr. Epstein says he could get us a record contract, he knows a few people in the recording business,” George said excitedly.

“Yeah,” Paul added, “and he’s only asking for 25 per cent of the profits.”

“We gotta go to his shop Monday afternoon to finalize the plans. He said he has some other ideas too.” John said happily.

“Isn’t it great, Kitten,” exclaimed John excitedly as he hugged Sandi to him, “we’re going to the Toppermost of the Poppermost!”

Sandi was happy in a way, but concerned also. Why all of a sudden did Brian decide that he wanted to become a manager?

Chapter Twenty-Two

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