Until There Was You, Ch. 20

Chapter Twenty

One Saturday at NEMS, Brian asked Sandi: “Do The Beatles have a manager?”

“Not right now,” Sandi told him. “They did have this little Welshman named Allan Williams who managed them. He’s the one who got them the Hamburg gigs. Why do you ask?”

“Oh, just curious.” Brian was preparing to put his plan in motion.

The Beatles had an evening gig at the Cavern that night. Sandi,b eing John’s girlfriend, was always able to get in and get great seats for herself or her friends. Sandi could have just sat backstage and waited for John, but she always loved to watch him and the fellows perform.

John and the fellows were going through some major changes. Their music became more cutting edge. All of them, except Pete Best, changed their hairstyle. John and Paul began to comb their hair forward now in what would be known later as the Beatles haircut. Astrid had cut Stu’s hair that way while Sandi was in Hamburg. John and Paul laughed at Stu the first time they saw his hair that way. On John’s 21st birthday, Sandi, John and Paul went to Paris for a few days and John and Paul had a barber cut their hair in the famous haircut for keeps. George soon followed suit.

The band was also getting tired of Pete. He wasn’t a team player and was too moody. George was extremely vocal in wanting Pete out in favor of Ringo. George and Ringo were becoming very good friends. Ringo was likeable and got on well with everybody. Sandi had met Ringo one day when she and John were at the Jacaranda, and Sandi thought he was pretty cool.

Sandi had brought Raechel and Monica with her on this particular night to watch The Beatles play. John, of course, lirted with Sandi the entire time he was on stage. Sandi flirted back.

“God, get a room!” Monica said, teasing Sandi.

Sandi chuckled.

Bob Wooler came onstage and made the following announcement:


Everyone began to applaud. Sandi was incredulous.

Huh? Brian’s here??? What in the world is he doing here?” thought Sandi.

“Isn’t that your boss?” asked Raechel.

“Yeah,” replied Sandi, “but what the hell’s he doing here? He said he’d never set foot in this place.”

Sandi craned her neck to see if she could spot Brian. The Cavern was dimly lit, so it was difficult to see. She finally spotted Brian way in the back of the room, sinking down self-consciously. Sandi tried to get Brian’s attention. She was trying to wave him over to her seat, but it was no use. He couldn’t see her.

The Beatles’ show was over. Sandi went backstage with her friends in tow to join John. Sandi wiped the sweat off of John’s brow. John tipped her backwards and gave her a warm, passionate kiss.

“How’d ya like the show, Kitten?” John asked.

“Great, all of you are just great.”

“Wonderful,” added Raechel.

“Awesome,” chimed Monica.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these guys are going to be bigger than Elvis!” Sandi exclaimed as she climbed on John’s lap. The fellows began teasing Sandi.

“Flattery will get you everywhere!” John chortled.

“Aw, I bet you say that to all the fellas,” George said in a little shy boy’s voice.

Paul was getting ready to add something. Sandi, in her best impersonation of a Scouser accent, remarked, laughing:

“Shut yer gob, Paulie! I don’t wanna hear it!”

“Aye, she is a sassy one, isn’t she, Lennon?” teased Paul.

The Beatles and the girls stood backstage for a few more minutes, joking and clowning around with each other.

Brian then appeared in the dressing room doorway with a look of something on his mind.

Chapter Twenty-One

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