Until There Was You, Ch. 2

Chapter Two

The girls headed to the bus stop and caught the bus that would take them to 10 Mathew Street where the Cavern Club was located. The line to get into the club was outrageous! The line spilled all the way out into the alley.

“Oh yeah, this was a GREAT idea!” Monica said. “We are never gonna get in there and it’s FREEZING out here!”

Sandi said, “Look,Monica, if you don’t want to stay here and wait, why don’t you go home? As for me, I’m going to brave this cold, I’m gonna wait here, get in that club and have a good time!”

“Me too!!” Raechel said.“This band has to be really great to generate a crowd like this!”

As Monica stepped out of the line she said to Sandi and Raechel: “Well, I’m leaving and tomorrow when you are bitching about frostbite don’t come crying to me you two!” On that note, Monica headed to the bus stop.

“I love Monica to death, but my God, she can be such a wuss sometimes!” Sandi said, chuckling.

“Tell me about it!” Raechel said, laughing.

All of a sudden, the line began to surge forward.

“Oh, my God!” Raechel screamed. “We are going to get in to the club after all!”

The line kept on moving and before Sandi and Raechel knew it, they were descending the eighteen steps that would take them down into the Cavern club, and they would finally get to see and hear this group that they had been hearing so much about.

“Well, I can see why this place is called The Cavern,” Sandi remarked to Raechel, “this place is like a bog!”

And a bog it was.The club was dark. Not a single window in the whole place. There was no ventilation whatsoever. The walls were running with condensation and there was this smell, not an unbearable smell, but definitely a smell nonetheless.The air hung very thick and the humidity was unreal in this club!!! The Cavern was packed with wall to wall people.

“Oh, this is a nightmare!” Raechel said to Sandi in a defeated tone. “We’ll never be able to find decent seats with this horrendous mob. We won’t get to see the band!” Raechel said, choking back tears.

“We’ve come this far, Raech,” Sandi said, trying to keep her friend’s spirits up,“let’s not give up now. We can find some seats if we just look hard enough!”

“I hope you’re right, Sandi,” Raechel replied.

“Look,Raech, up there in the front are two empty seats!” Sandi yelped excitedly as she pointed towards them. “If we hurry and push our way through,we can get them!!! Come on, hurry up!”

Raechel and Sandi somehow were able to push themselves through this mob and got the coveted seats.

Sandi and Raechel soon discovered the reason why these two seats were vacant---the chairs were very,very wobbly! Sandi and Raechel decided to keep these seats anyway, they just had to be careful not to move too much, lest they fall out of their seats.

“See Raech, I told you if we just hung in there we’d make it!” Sandi said happily as she situated herself in the chair.

The two girls got themselves comfortable in their seats and Raechel took out her compact and did a final check on her hair and makeup. She wanted to look smashing for these boys and was dying for just one of them to notice her.

Sandi on the other hand wasn’t looking for romance. She came to the Cavern because she heard the music was good and besides, romance was the last thing on her mind. She had broken up with her boyfriend, Tony. They had been going steady for 4 months when Sandi caught him with another girl. Sandi was crushed and decided she didn’t want a boyfriend, at least not now. Sandi wanted to focus on her college education and career. She was attending Liverpool University. She was pursuing a degree in accounting. She wanted to get a good career after college and be a working girl for awhile. Then if somebody decent happened to come along, then she would consider a relationship.

Just as Sandi and Raechel got comfortable in their seats,the voice of the Cavern Club’s emcee, Bob Wooler, was heard and he made the following announcement:


The crowd was cheering loudly and clapping. Then Bob Wooler announced this special group who were going to take the world by storm:


Chapter Three

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