Until There Was You, Ch. 17

Chapter Seventeen

Sandi arrived at the train station in Hamburg early the next morning. John was there, anxiously awaiting his Kitten. John was pleased and excited to see her as she came off the train.

“Oh, Kitten, my Kitten!!!” John shouted as he picked Sandi up and swung her around. “God, I’ve missed you.”

Sandi was so happy to see him she was in tears. “Oh, my beloved Winston. Is it really you? I have missed you so much it hurts.” John gave Sandi a passionate kiss.

John carried Sandi’s bags to a car that Sandi had never seen before. John told her the car belonged to their new friend, Ringo. Ringo was in a band called Rory Storm and the Hurricanes. He was the band’s drummer and quite a good one at that. John and the boys had met Ringo and had become good friends with him. Ringo was nice enough to loan John his car so he could pick up Sandi at the station.

Sandi had never seen John drive before and asked him, “Are you sure you can drive this vehicle?”

“Sure can,” John said, grinning. “I don’t have me license yet, but I can handle it!” he chuckled. John prepared to take off. He was actually quite a good driver, much to Sandi’s relief.

John said, concerned, “I know you must be tired from the long train ride, kitten, so we’ll just go where we’ll be staying.You and I will be staying with Astrid and Stuart.”

Sandi was thrilled to hear that she and John would be staying together, but she was curious.

“Winston, aren’t you staying at the Top Ten Club?”

“Yeah, I had been but the rooms of the Top Ten Club aren’t fitting for a sweet little lady like you, so Stuart and Astrid offered to put us both up while you’re here. They live in a loft, but they have an extra bedroom for us to sleep in and to do other things.” John said slyly.

Sandi was nervous about meeting Stuart and Astrid, but her fears soon dissipated. Stuart and Astrid turned out to be gracious hosts and Sandi hit it off with both of them immediately. Sandi and Astrid became fast friends. Sandi was amazed at how Astrid had the place decorated. She was far ahead of her time, that was for sure. Astrid was also a very talented photographer and she took many pictures of John and Sandi and gave them to Sandi to keep as a memento. The two couples sometimes double-dated. They went out to eat and the couple delighted in taking Sandi around Hamburg to see the sites. Astrid, Stu, and Sandi would go to the Top Ten Club every night and watch The Beatles perform. Sandi enjoyed the show thoroughly. The Beatles’ sound was really undergoing a lot of changes. Their repertoire had expanded. Sandi knew in her heart that someday, The Beatles were going to be BIG!

One Saturday when The Beatles had a day off, John, Sandi,Stu, Astrid, Paul and George all went to the beach. It was a warm, sunny, June day and not a cloud in the sky. Pete was invited, but didn’t come, he muttered something about having things to do. He always did go off by himself. Nobody ever knew where he went or did.

Sandi went into the cabana to change into her new bathing suit. John tried to follow her in: “Here, let me help you get undressed!” he said, cackling at Sandi in his dirty old man voice.

Sandi laughed as she shut the door in his face and called out, “Winston, thank you, but I can manage!” John could hear Sandi’s laughter in the cabana. He always loved the sound of her laughter.

Everybody got changed into bathing suits. When Sandi emerged wearing her little green two piece number, John’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. “Wow!” was all he could manage to say.

“Whatsamatter, Winston?” said Sandi, smiling at him. “Why I do believe I have left you speechless, that’s a first!”

George was burying Paul in the sand. Stuart and Astrid were cavorting by the water. Sandi had stretched out a beach towel and was going to just stretch out and sunbathe. John was sitting by Sandi, watching Stu and Astrid frolicking.,”Winston,” Sandi said sweetly, “would you put some suntan lotion on my back, please? I get a nasty sunburn without it.”

“With pleasure,” John said. God, she is gorgeous lying here. I want to take her right here on this beach.

He moved her hair out of the way then John put some of the warm suntan oil in his hands and began to slowly apply it to Sandi’s back. His hands lingered quite a long time in certain areas. Sandi closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of John’s hands on her. Oh yes, yes, wonderful, please don’t stop. Make love to me right now, Winston.

Sandi reached back and untied her top. “I don’t want tan lines,” Sandi explained to him.

That’s ok, Kitten, you can get totally naked if you want!!

John continued to apply more suntan oil to Sandi’s back. Sandi was moaning softly from his touch. It was sensual. It was electric. She wanted him. She was ready to go all the way with him tonight.

Chapter Eighteen

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