Until There Was You, Ch. 15

Chapter Fifteen

Morning came much too quickly for the couple. For this was the morning that John would be leaving.

John and Sandi awoke. They made out again and Sandi reluctantly helped John get ready to leave for Hamburg.

After the last bag was packed, Sandi turned to John and gazed into his eyes. “I don’t want you to go, Winston.” she said sadly. Sandi was trying not to cry. She didn’t want to make this any harder on John than it already was.

“I don’t want to leave you either,” John said with watery eyes. “I am going to miss you, kitten.”

Sandi went with John to the train station. George and Paul were already there. Paul and George both hugged Sandi.

“I’m really gonna miss you guys,” said Sandi sadly. “Especially you, my beloved Winston.” Sandi was really choking up now. Don’t let him see you cry---this is hard for him too.

“Write me, ok?”Sandi asked. Sandi wrote her address down for John.

“I promise I will write you, kitten. Every minute, every hour, every day.” John whispered with teary eyes.

John smiled sadly and he held Sandi tightly to him. Just then, they heard the train whistle in the distance.

The train pulled into the station. John looked sadly at Sandi and said, “Well, this is it.”

“Yeah,” said Sandi, her eyes puddling up.

John went to put his gear on the train then ran back to hug Sandi .

“I love you.” John said, tears in his eyes.

“I love you, my beloved Winston,” Sandi choked, the tears were beginning to fall.

John and Sandi shared one final, passionate kiss. Then he hugged her tightly and boarded the train.

John took his seat on the train and looked at Sandi through the window. Sandi was standing on the platform, crying uncontrollably now. John blew kisses to her and waved. George and Paul waved to her too. The train lurched forward and off John went out of Sandi’s life for the next four months.

Chapter Sixteen

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