Until There Was You, Ch. 14

Chapter Fourteen

The weeks went by and Sandi and John continued dating. They saw each other almost everyday and if they couldn’t be together, they were burning up the phone lines. Sandi went as much as possible to John’s gigs at the Cavern and around Liverpool. Sandi had introduced John to her dad and Allison.

“Oo, what a babe!” squealed Allison when she saw John the first time. “Does he have a brother?” she asked.

Sandi had also met John’s Aunt Mimi. She got the feeling Mimi didn’t like her much. She was a grim, unsmiling woman and she seemed overly posssesive of John. Sandi’s dad thought John was great. Mr. Walsh was a bit leery at first of John and quizzed him unmercifully with the typical questions like, “What exactly are your intentions towards my daughter?” etc. Sandi also became very good friends with George and Paul. Pete was still his moody, distant self.

Raechel and Paul dated a few more times after the catsup incident, but it eventually petered out. Paul tried to put the moves on Raechel one night and tore her dress. Raechel slapped him and ended up walking home that night. Even though Raechel was a flirt and a tease, she planned to keep her virginity until her wedding night.

Sandi was torn between losing her virginity and keeping it. John was making Sandi feel things she had never felt before with any other guy. John was patient and told her he’d wait until she was ready. Sandi knew John was wanting it badly and Sandi was wanting it too. She loved John and wanted him to be her first. The fear of pregnancy is what kept her from going all the way mainly. John said they could use a condom, but Sandi knew the failure rate on condoms was very high. What if it slipped off or it broke? So when John and Sandi would go out, they would neck and make out and do a lot of heavy petting. Sandi finally graduated to allowing John to touch her breasts. She knew it was just a matter of time before she would let John go all the way. Sandi was going to make an appointment with the doctor and ask the doctor to prescribe some birth control pills for her. She had heard the pill was the most effective form of birth control next to sterilization.

Sandi, Raechel, or Monica hadn’t heard from Carol for several weeks, since Sandi had thrown her out of the house. Actually, the girls were glad in a way, all that negative energy was gone, but on the other hand, they were curious to know what she has been up to. Monica heard from the grapevine that Carol had left to go to Hollywood to start a modeling career and to try to become an actress.

Sandi continued to work for NEMS. Brian was thrilled that Sandi finally found somebody.

“See, I told you to take a chance!” Brian said. He was happy to see Sandi so happy.

Sandi continued with her college studies also.She was in the top 10% of her class. She had everything she wanted: good grades, a loving family, a great job, wonderful friends and the greatest boyfriend on Earth.

She had forgotten one thing: John and the boys were leaving for their engagement in Hamburg in one week. They would be gone for four months! What am I going to do without my beloved Winston!

Sandi was missing John already. She knew he was under contract so he had to go, but she was hoping somehow, it would get cancelled. It didn’t.

The night before the boys were to leave, there was a private farewell party at the Cavern. The club was closed for the evening for the boys’ party. Sandi wore a very sexy black, mini dress and she wore stiletto heels with it. She wanted John to have a good memory of her to sustain him until he returned to her. That dress had quite an effect on John to say the least. Sandi danced with Paul and George.

When it seemed George was monopolizing Sandi on the dance floor, John stepped in and asked, “What are you trying to do, Hari, steal my woman?!”

“I guess that’s my cue, here ya go, John,” George said, taking Sandi’s hand and putting it into John’s. Then George kissed Sandi’s cheek.

“Watch it, Hari!” John said to George, as they laughed and performed a mock fight.

Sandi and John danced together the rest of the night. Sandi had made the boys a farewell cake and brought it to the Cavern. After the cake and refreshments, Sandi and John left the party so they could be alone.

They walked down Mathew Street, arms entwined around each other and enjoyed the beautiful night. The stars were shining brightly and the moon was full, smiling down on the couple. They waited for the bus to take them back to John’s house. Mimi was asleep by now and John would be able to sneak Sandi up to his room easily as long as they kept quiet.

Upon arriving at John’s home, Sandi removed her shoes before entering the house; the clickety-clack sounds of Sandi’s stilleto heels would wake Mimi for sure.

They arrived at John’s bedroom with no problem.J ohn closed his door. The couple was in total darkness in his room. John immediately embraced Sandi and gave her a long, deep, passionate kiss. When they finally came up for air, John said, “I am in love with you, kitten and I want to be with you forever.”

Sandi felt as if she was floating. Neither she or John had said those three little words to each other yet. Sandi had been longing to hear him say it and at last he had!

Sandi’s heart was pounding. She responded, “I’m in love with you too,Winston. I’ve loved you from the first moment I saw you on stage at the Cavern in your sexy, tight leather pants!” John was on cloud nine when Sandi told him this.

John gave Sandi another deep, warm kiss. Sandi let John unzip her dress. They stretched out on John’s bed and began heavy petting. Sandi was feeling bold. John was so engrossed in the deep kisses and Sandi’s breasts that he didn’t notice Sandi had unzipped his jeans. She was stroking him. She had only touched it through his pants, never out and exposed before. John moaned softly:
Yeah, kitten, oh yeah.

John reciprocated by caressing Sandi’s breasts, moving slowly down her stomach, and finally sliding his fingertips under her panties. She had never let John touch her there before and it felt so good. Sandi and John were getting incredibly excited by the other’s touches. After several minutes of this intimate touching, both John and Sandi began to shake and tremble uncontrollably. Both of them had to stifle a loud moan, lest they wake Mimi.

After the excitement, John just lay beside Sandi, holding her. She rested her head on his shoulder. They shared a few sweet kisses. “I love you,Winston.” Sandi whispered sweetly as she caressed his bare chest.

“I love you too, kitten,” John said as he ran his fingers through Sandi’s hair. John whispered, “Don’t go home tonight, sleep with me here.”

Sandi did. They shared one more make out session and then they drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

Chapter Fifteen

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