Until There Was You, Ch. 13

Chapter Thirteen

John had the house all to himself. His aunt Mimi was out of town visiting relatives, and wasn’t due back until tomorrow.

John had a very lovely bedroom. He had a very pretty view from his bedroom window. He could look out and see the garden and the big apple tree.

Sandi said, “What a beautiful view” as she looked out at the pretty flower garden.

“Yeah, what a beautiful view it is,” John said, looking at her. “Come away from that window now, kitten, and come here to me.”

John was sitting on the bed. He had kicked off his shoes and instructed Sandi to do the same. She did and came over to sit next to John on the bed.

John got up briefly to put on a record. He chose “Love Me Tender”, by Elvis Presley. He was John’s favorite performer. Sandi liked Elvis too. Then he came back on the bed to join Sandi.

The song was so romantic. He took Sandi in his arms and looked into her eyes. “You’re beautiful,” he whispered hoarsely.

Sandi just sighed dreamily at him. I love you Winston.Are you thinking what I’m thinking? I don’t know if I’m ready to go that far yet.

Sandi looked into his warm brown eyes and she reached up and caressed his face tenderly and she ran her fingers through his auburn hair. She mentioned how his hair looked red when the light hit it just right.

“You’re a redhead!” she exclaimed, teasing him.

“Never!” he shouted, laughing. By the way he had said that, she felt that she wasn’t the first one to make that observation. Now she was running her hands through that gorgeous hair of his, threading through it slowly with her fingers.

He looked into her eyes. “You have the most beautiful eyes,” he murmured, “I could get lost in them.”

Sandi then leaned closer to him and kissed him on the mouth.She didn’t mean to make the first move and was about to apologize for being so forward, but she didn’t get the chance. John brought her face back to his and kissed her softly.

She did not pull away. She continued to kiss him. The kiss began to deepen and they fell back onto John’s bed. They were kissing passionately. John began to kiss her ears, then he moved down to her neck and kissed and nibbled her there. Sandi moaned softly. “Oh, Winston, oh yes.” she purred. He then came back to her mouth for another deep kiss. Sandi rolled over on top of John and began to kiss him the way he had kissed her. Now it was his turn to moan softly. They spent a long time lying on his bed,making out passionately. When Sandi felt John put his hand on her breast, she stopped him.

“Winston, we have to stop,” Sandi said, breathlessly.

“What’s wrong?” John asked.

“I love the way you’re making me feel right now, but I’m not ready to go all the way with you yet.”

“That’s ok,” John said, smiling at her. “I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do. Whenever you do feel ready, let me know.”

It was midnight. Sandi told John she better get home as she had class tomorrow. John walked her home and gave her a very wet, passionate kiss goodnight that made Sandi very giddy.

Sandi went to bed that night and thought about the day. She also realized she was beginning to want sex.

Chapter Fourteen

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