Until There Was You, Ch. 12

Chapter Twelve

Sandi and John had a wonderful time. John took her to the Bally and to the docks. They went to Sefton Park. He told Sandi that is where his mum and dad met for the first time. Sefton was a lovely park. He showed her Quarry Bank High School where he attended and showed her the Liverpool Art College where he had also attended. They spent the afternoon travelling to many Liverpool sites. Before they knew it, dusk had fallen.

“Hey, kitten, would ya like to go to the pictures? I hear “Gone With The Wind” is playin’. Wanna go?”

“Yeah,” Sandi said excitedly, “I’d love to! “Gone With The Wind” is my favorite movie!”

Sandi began to laugh. She was remembering the Raechel/Paul fiasco and she relayed the story to John. It had John in hysterics.

“Raechel believes Paul will never speak to her again,” Sandi said. “She said he got pretty mad about her dousing him with catsup.”

“Ah, Macca, he’s a perfectionist is all. He’s me best mate, but sometimes he loses his sense of humor.He’ll come around.”

Sandi and John entered the movie house and got a bucket of popcorn and some cokes. They went to take their seats.

As the lights were going down, John leaned over and whispered to Sandi, “Did I tell you that you look beautiful, because you really do, kitten.”

“Thank you, Winston,” replied Sandi. She was ecstatic. The picture began. John and Sandi shared the bucket of popcorn. Sometimes their hands would reach in the popcorn bucket simultaneously, causing their hands to touch. They both got an electric thrill when this occured. It was hard for Sandi or John to concentrate on the movie. Oh, he is incredibly sexy. I want to touch him. Sandi saw John had a stray piece of hair that had fallen down in his face. Sandi used that as her excuse to touch him. She reached over and brushed his hair back from his eyes.

“Thank you, kitten,” said John, who was also trying to find excuses of his own to touch Sandi.

About halfway through the picture, John thought to himself: She drives me crazy. I must touch her.

John reached over and took Sandi’s hand and held it.He began to caress her fingers, one at a time. He was waiting to see Sandi’s reaction before he went further. Sandi was not resisting. She was watching John intently in the darkness of the theater and she was smiling at him. John was thrilled. He became a bit bolder and brought Sandi’s hand to his lips and began to kiss her hand very slowly, first he kissed the top of her hand, then he began to kiss her fingers very, very slowly ,one at a time and then began to kiss her thumb.He then turned her hand over and slowly kissed her palm, then her wrist.Sandi was melting. She whispered, “Oh yes,Winston, that feels wonderful, do it some more.” He continued to slowly kiss her hand and fingers. Sandi was in heaven.

Sandi then turned in her seat to face John. She cupped his face in her hands, then John leaned over to Sandi and gave her a very soft, tender kiss on the lips. He began to run his fingers through her hair. The movie on the screen was forgotten by the couple. They were totally into each other.

John and Sandi were both feeling the heat between them. “Let’s get out of here,” John whispered. Sandi agreed and they left.

John took her to his home on Menlove Avenue where they went upstairs to his bedroom.

Chapter Thirteen

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