Until There Was You, Ch. 1

Chapter One

It was cold and dreary in Liverpool on this February afternoon.The white, powdery, snow was just beginning to fall,turning Liverpool into a winter wonderland. Sandi was sitting at her big bay window watching the pretty, white snowflakes dance from the sky.

Then suddenly, the telephone rang. “I’ll get it,” Sandi called to her father who was working in the den. He was working on a very important case and Sandi wanted to get the phone so he wouldn’t have to stop working.

Just as Sandi got to the phone, her sister Allison ran and tried to grab it.

“I said I’d get it!” Sandi remarked in an irritated tone.

“Well, I got it now!”Allison said as she placed her hand on the ringing telephone, giggling and sticking her tongue out at Sandi.


“Give me the phone now, you little worm!” Sandi screeched.

“Make me!” Allison retorted.

The phone continued to ring as Sandi and Allison continued to argue.

“All right, if you don’t give me that phone,” Sandi said with a mishievous grin, “then I will tell Dad what I caught you doing after school today!”
Sandi had caught her little sister smoking a cigarette and Sandi promptly reprimanded her. Allison made Sandi promise that she wouldn’t tell their father,because if their dad found out Allison would be grounded until she was 40!

Allison was startled and asked nervously,“You wouldn’t dare, would you?”

“Oh yeah? Try me!” Sandi said with a smirk.

Allison knew better than to call Sandi’s bluff, so she promptly handed Sandi the phone and dashed up the stairs to her bedroom.

“Hi, Sandi.” It was Raechel calling Sandi.

“Hi Raech,” Sandi replied. “What’s up?”

Raechel asked, “Do you want to go shopping with me on Penny Lane? My brother’s birthday is in 2 days and once again I’ve waited til the last minute! I won’t do that again next year, I promise!”

“That’s what you said last year!” Sandi said with a laugh.

Raechel laughed at her friend’s comment. “Well, do you want to go? I’ll call Monica and see if she wants to go too. We can make it a trio!” Raechel said excitedly.

“Yeah that’s cool. Count me in!” answered Sandi.

“Great!” Raechel said. “See you in about 10 minutes.”

“Bye, Raech,” Sandi replied and hung up the phone.

Finally, the 3 girls were off to the store. Raechel had a hard time deciding what to buy for her brother and about three hours later, she finally decided on a very nice red pullover sweater for him.

The girls left the store and made their way back to Raechel’s house so she could hide the gift from the prying eyes of her brother.

The girls were then sitting in Raechel’s bedroom discussing what they should do with the rest of the evening.

“Well, what should we do now?” asked Raechel.

“I think we should just stay in for the evening and call it a night,” Monica stated.

“Oh, come on, the night is still young yet!” Raechel exclaimed. “It’s only 6 pm, we can’t call it a night yet!”

“Well, I’m open to suggestions,” Sandi said.

“How about that club I have been hearing about on Mathew Street?” Raechel asked her friends.

“Which club?”, asked Sandi.

“I think it’s called The Cavern,” answered Raechel.

“I hear they have a really groovy band there,” Sandi said with a sigh.

“And I bet they are sexy as hell!” Raechel squealed.

“Is that all you think about, Raech?” asked Monica.

“What else is there?!” Raechel retorted.

After a little more discussion, the girls decided to go to The Cavern. They dashed out the door to catch the bus.

Chapter Two

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