Part One, Hesset Trappen, Prehistoria Part One, Hesset Trappen, Prehistoria
We knew of their plans before long. Our duty was clear: we had 3000 years to form a society, after which civilization would begin the process of decaying.

We were to leave no remnants of our way of life. In fact, precautions were to be taken to ensure that future generations knew nothing of what life had been like before their time.

After Lennon had left, I was recognized as President of the United Regions of Westerly, which McCartney later informed us was what the great civilization was to be called. As he put it, if everything went to plan I would have very little to do. Later, when people started to fight amongst one another, there would be real need of a President. But, he said, I need not worry, for my reign would be a peaceful one.

And yet, there were sufficient tasks to keep me occupied. Text books were being written at an enormous rate, to ensure that the population could be educated, and the International Library needed to be informed of all new publications. New forms of transportation were invented, but slowly, and gradually it became possible to traverse the globe in a matter of minutes.

The great birds of Karath kept us informed of the state of the sky kingdom, located just below the house of Lennon and his colleagues.

The sky people, incidently, were the ideal nation: they were perpetually at peace, and the people wanted for nothing. They will remain in this state for eternity. For many thousands of years, far beyond the allotted time of our civilization, they were recognized by humans and animals alike as the ultimate goal of life. They were perfect in every respect. Harrison himself said that later civilizations would think that they came from the house of himself and his friends, but they had in fact been there since before time began, and Beatle involvement had nothing to do with them: they would always be there.

Later, the sky kingdom would be forgotten, and that event marked the real descent of the world.

I am making this recording in the hopes that the people of the year 2090 will remember that our civilization will end 10 years after they hear this. At this point, you should already have begun to destroy your countries, your homes and your way of life. From the time when destruction is complete to the time when the next people will come, there are cave dwellings prepared in the western nation. Remember, return not to luxury, or Lennonís plans will be ruined. The end of Westerly is inevitable--delay it not.

Part Two

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