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A Time Before
A Time Before

written by The Walrus

This story is basically science fiction, which kind of sets up a new situation in which civilization doesn't advance, but decays over time...therefore, the cavemen had really advanced technology and lived at peace with one another.

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Dramatis Personae:

John Lennon...not quite a god, but overseer of earth
Paul McCartney and George by day managers of human affairs
Ringo Starr...messenger between heaven and earth

Hesset Trappen...Caveman
Malory Clive...Ancient Egyptian
Helix Rufius...Roman
Father Endromedus...Priest of the Middle Ages
Timothy Yearner...Englishman of the 1700ís
Steve Mansing...American of the early 20th century
Russell Merrick...Englishman of the 1960ís

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