Out of Your Shell 2, ch. 4 Chapter Four

Finishing up their lunch, Jeanna started to wonder why he had bought the tickets, he had only found out today that he had longer vacation.

"John, why did you buy those tickets if you just found out that your vacation was extended?" she asked.

"Well, I had Brian send them when I decided not to go back to England, I was planning on taking you anyway." he answered.

"This is so great, I can't believe this is happening!" Jeanna squealed.

"What? Your fairy tale?" he asked slyly.

"Well, almost. Let's go in, the breeze is getting chilly." she replied, trying to change the subject.

Gathering up the basket and returning to the cozy dark house, Jeanna turned on the porch light, and the lamp in the loving room. Walking back in the kitchen to put the items of the basket away, she felt John grab her hand.

"Don't do that luv, I'll get it, you just go relax and I'll join you with some drinks in a minute." he stated.

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"Positive, now get outta here!" he replied laughing.

Sitting on the couch and slipping off her shoes, she smiled at the situation and lit up a cigarette.

"So, when would you like to leave?" John asked as he entered the room handing her a Scotch and Coke.

"Well, I was thinking, and I know that you wanted to get away for a while, so, whenever your ready, no hurry." she answered taking a sip.

"Well, then, we have time for some well needed R&R don't we." he said.

"Have you heard anything about George's mother, is she OK?" Jeanna asked in a concerned tone.

"Oh, yes, she's fine now, she just had a touch of pneumonia. Brian said she's doing great." John answered.

"Well, that's a relief." she replied sighing while resting her feet on the coffee table.

"So, what should we do now?" He asked while resting his arm on her shoulder.

"Whatever you want, it's your call." she replied.

"WELL, in that case...." he said smirking.

"Don't even go there, Lennon!" she laughed.

"All right, how about a drive then?" he suggested feigning disappointment.

"OK, let me get my keys and jacket, I'll be right back." she said.

They were soon pulling out of the driveway and on their way.

"I've got something I want to show you." Jeanna told him.

"What's that?" he asked curiously.

"A surprise." she smiled.

"Ohh, I like the sound of that!" he said while raising an eyebrow.

"Get your brain outta the gutter, we're here." she said as they pulled up to a big lush green hill filled field.

Stepping out of the car she grabbed his hand and pulled him up to a large hill overlooking the whole field.

"I discovered this place driving one day." she said.

"It's great." he said gazing into the distance as if in deep thought.

"Look, that's my surprise." she said pointing into the horizon.

He looked out to see the most beautiful sunset, a mix of purples blues and amazing reds and pinks.

"This is really beautiful." he said while looking at her.

"It is isn't it, I love coming here, your the first person I've ever showed this to." she replied.

"I wasn't talking about the sunset." he said while sweeping a stray piece of hair behind her ear.

Looking into her eyes she could feel flutters in her stomach, she knew there would be no distractions here. Reaching around and placing a hand on the small of her back, they both leaned in closer while closing their eyes. Their lips softly touched and in that moment, all surroundings were forgotten, it was as if an electrical surge flew through their bodies.

Reluctantly pulling away they just stared at each other.

Each of them at a loss for words, they just returned their gaze to the fading sky. Jeanna rested her head on his shoulder with his arm around her, They just sat and watched until the blazing sun fizzled into the purple sky and the bright full moon showed his face.

"Well, it's getting late, we better get home." Jeanna said quietly.

"Sure." John replied with a small smile.

They returned to the car, and made their silent trip home.

Arriving back at the house, Jeanna, while throwing her keys on the table, made her way to the kitchen.

"Would you like a bedtime drink, John?" she called to him.

"Sure, thanks." he answered.

Walking back in the living room, she found him sitting on couch looking through an old family photo album.

Walking over she seated herself next to him.

"Is this you?" he asked pointing to her eighth grade picture which she hated. She had a bad hair year in that picture.

"Yeah, one of my worst." she replied, embarrassed.

"Who's this in this one with you?" he asked pointing to a picture of her with a woman that looked like the older version of her.

"That's my Mom." she answered.

"Where does she live?" he asked.

"In Kentucky, after she got married they moved to her home state." she replied.

Closing the book and sitting it on the coffee table he turned to Jeanna with a quizzical look.

"What shall we do now?" he asked lightly.

"I don't know about you, but I'm pretty beat." she answered.

"Yeah, me too, I guess we should get to bed." he said while taking their glasses to the kitchen.

Walking together down the hall, they opened the doors to their separate rooms looking back at each other not knowing what to say.

"Well, goodnight John." Jeanna said.

"Yeah, goodnight." he said while stepping into his room.

"WAIT!" she almost shouted.

"Yes?" he replied while jumping back out in the hallway.

Walking back over to him, she wrapped her arms around his neck and indulged in their second kiss. Warm and sweet and passionate all at the same time.

"Goodnight," she whispered while pulling away.
Giving him one last kiss on the cheek, she walked into her room, closed the door, and left John standing in the hallway with a goofy grin on his face.

"She just doesn't know what she does to me." He mumbled to himself while walking into his room and whistling the tune to a very familiar song. Girl.

Chapter Five

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