Out of Your Shell 2, ch. 3 Chapter Three

"What is it John?" Jeanna asked, hoping it was what she thought.

"Recording has been postponed, so I can have a longer vacation." John said happily.

"Oh, that's great John!! How long can you stay?" she asked giddily.

"Well, I'm not quite sure yet, Paul is gonna call me with the details in a few days, but, I have an idea that it will be about a month or two." he replied.

"Well, what are you planning to do for your vacation then?" she asked hopefully.

"Well, spend it with you of course." he answered sweetly.

"Great, let's celebrate!" she said while jumping off the bed dancing.

"I've got an idea." he returned.

"What?" she asked.

"You go into your room, and I'll go prepare the surprise, and I'll come get you when I'm ready." he said slyly.

"Oh come on, please tell me what it is!" she pleaded.

"I'm afraid not my dear, you'll see shortly." he replied smirking.

"All right, I'm going to take a shower then." she concluded.

Walking to her room, she decided to wear something nice, just in case.

Picking through her closet, she found a long blue cashmere dress she hadn't had any reason to wear in a while. It was kinda casual, but nice at the same time.

She continued to the shower, and used some jasmine soap she had for special days, washed, stepped out and toweled herself off.

Applying her make-up, she chose natural colors, and instead of lipstick, she used some softening gloss instead, hoping for that first kiss she had waited for.

Just as she was clipping the front strands of her long hair back with some daisy barrettes, there was a knock at the door.

"Yes." she said regally.

"I'm ready." he replied.

"OK, here I am." she said while opening the door.

John looked her up and down, and whistled.

"You look great! Would you do me the honor of being your escort this evening?" he said while bowing.

"Yes, I will." she answered.

"You look pretty good yourself, Mr. Lennon," she complimented, looking at his clothing. He was wearing black slacks and a black turtleneck with a black jacket.

He took her hand in his and walked down the hall and brought her outside the sun room to the garden.

There was a blanket laid out next to the flowers with a picnic basket.

"This is great, John." Jeanna said smiling.

"There's sandwiches, cokes, and cheese with crackers. Have a seat." he told her.

She obliged sitting on the soft blanket.

"Would you be a dear and get me a coke?" he asked while searching his pockets for cigarettes.

"Sure." she answered.

Reaching in the basket, she saw the cokes, but then she felt an envelope next to them. She pulled it out curiously.

"What's this?" she asked.

"I don't know, why don't you look inside?" he replied innocently.

She opened the envelope to reveal what appeared to be a set of plane tickets. Looking at them, she saw that they were to London.

"JOHN, what are these?!!" she asked excitedly.

"Well, what does it say?" he replied grinning.

"Well, it says here that they are to London, but I don't understand why they are in here." she said hopefully.

"Well, you did say you wanted to go, and I thought no time like the present, would you join me on the trip?" he asked.

"Of course I will!!" she answered giddily while jumping over and hugging him. She felt an electric surge run through her body from his touch. She pulled away slightly putting their faces just inches from each other.

"Thank you." she whispered.

"It was nothing, I knew you wanted to go and see Julia." he replied staring in her eyes.

Reaching around her back, he ran his hand up her spine resting it on her neck. Closing her eyes she moved closer to the moment she had been waiting for so long. Inching ever closer.


They suddenly jerked away to look in the direction of the crash and saw a cat knocking over the trash can.

Looking back at each other in an awkward moment of silence Jeanna quickly tried to recover from the situation.

"So, let's eat, I'm starving." she suggested.

"Yeah, eat, great idea." he said smiling.

Then, for no reason at all they both started laughing, and what started as a giggle, turned into hysterics.

Chapter Four

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