Got to Get You Into My Life, Ch. 8 Chapter Eight

October and November had crept upon them and were gone. It was now December and a time for parties and lots of shopping.

John was going to invite everyone over and they were going to talk about having a party around Christmas. They decided to have the party at John's house.

One morning Joey woke up and looked out the window. It was snowing! Her eyes grew wide at the big white flakes that floated down to settle softy on the ground. The girls had never had a white Christmas before.

The second week of December they all go to look for a Christmas tree. Jenny and Joey wander off together so they can talk.

"So how are things between you and Paul?" Jenny asked.

"Okay." Joey answered.

"Okay? Just okay?" Jenny questioned.

"Oh, everything is just great really. I just want more, but I don't think I'm ready for more." Joey said.

"Is he trying to pressure you into sex before you're ready?" Jenny asked.

"No. He said he would leave it up to me. He wants me to be ready and not rush into anything." Joey explained.

"Well, with that attitude your love life will be heavenly," Jenny grinned. By the way Ringo and I are getting married Feburary 11th."

"Oh Jenny, that's great!" Joey exclaimed and hugged her sister. "I wonder what it will be like to have Ringo as a brother-in-law?"

"It will never be boring I can tell you that." Jenny laughed.

Soon Jana walked up.

"Hey Joey, Jenny. John found a good tree."

They went over to where John was to look at the tree. Ringo was there too.

"Hi Ringo, hi John." Joey greeted them.

"Hello." they return.

Paul walked over and put his arm around Joey.

"Cold luv?" he asked.

"Yeah, but we need a tree. John picked out this one; what do you think?" Joey asked.

"Heeey, I like this tree. John you have good taste...sometimes." Paul teased. Everyone laughed at his remark including John.

John playfully punched Paul on the arm and Paul playfully hit him back.

Meanwhile Joey was making a snowball. When Jenny saw her, she bent and scooped up some snow and began making her own. Jana and Jody followed suit.

"Hey Macca?" Joey called out.

When he turned around, a wet snowball splattered across his face. He wiped the snow from his face and he could see Joey laughing at him. Snow clung to his long eyelashes and across this eyebrows giving him a comical look.

"Oh, you're in trouble now, girlie." Paul grinned wickedly. Before she could run, he grabbed her, scooped up snow with the other hand and rubbed it in her face. Neil had come with them and when he ran over to try and stop the fight, he was bombarded with snowballs.

Finally they left the tree lot buying the tree that John and chosen. On the way home George was telling the girls one of his silly Christmas stories. He kept everyone laughing all the way home.

They took the tree to John's house and decorated it. The boys had a surprise for the girls. After Christmas they would start working on their next album and movie. The girls were excited and happy that they would get to visit the Bahamas and Austria with them.

Christmas turned out to be perfect except for one of the girls it turned to be heartbreak. Before meeting Jody, George had been dating someone else and very much in love with her. Jody left for home right after Christmas leaving George free to date Patti.

Everyone got what they asked for. Paul had given Joey a bracelet with both of their names on it. Ringo had proposed to Jenny and gave her an engagement ring. John gave Jana a set of keys.

"Your present is outside luv" John said smiling.

Stepping outside, Jana saw a Rolls-Royce that matched his. Jana threw her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss.

"Oh John, that's so romantic." Jenny said. "Matching motor cars."

Everyone laughed at Jenny's remark. Joey lifted her eyebrows at Jenny.

"Since when you start calling them motor cars?" Joey asked.

"Ringo has been teaching me the Queen's English." Jenny grinned. Everyone laughed again.

Soon it was all over and before they were off to the Bahamas they had a wedding to go to.

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