Got to Get You Into My Life, Ch. 7 Chapter Seven

"Did you see the look on Nikki's face when Paul told them you were married to him?" Jenny said.

"I thought she would faint." Joey giggled. "Wasn't it nice of Paul to let them off the hook and give them his autograph?"

"Yeah it was." Jenny answered.

Paul was laughing almost as much as they were. They had a lot more shopping to do so they went to some other stores. Soon they had everything they needed so they headed home.

The time had come for them to depart and head for England. They said tearful goodbyes to their parents and were told to come home if things weren't what they seemed. With passports and written consent forms tucked in their onflight bags, they made their way to the airport.

Paul had a knack for getting himself into complicated situations that he somehow got out of within an inch of his life. As they were heading to their plane a group of teenage girls spotted Paul.

"Oh my God, it's Paul McCartney!" one of them exclaimed.

"Paul!" Joey gasped.

"Run girls." he said.

Paul could run faster than they could and he pulled way ahead of them. Running by stunned passengers and ticket counter girls made for a funny scene of shocked faces.

Before long, the group of crazed fans caught up with the four girls and they looked like they were chasing him too. When Paul ducked into a men's room, the four girls didn't have any qualms about following him in.

"Whew, that was close." he said to them and he put his arm around Joey.

"Hey Paul, what makes you think those girls won't come in here?" Jenny asked.

"It's a men's room." he replied.

"So, we're in here." Joey said.

"Yeah." Jana said.

"But they wouldn't, they couldn't. Could they?" he asked.

Just then the door burst open.

Paul breathed a sigh when he saw that it was the airport security guards.

"What's going on here?" a sercurity officer asked.

"Oh, thank goodness. We need to get to our plane, but those girls were chasing me and if they catch they rip me to shreds." Paul said.

"Who are you?" the officer demanded.

"Don't you recognize him? He's Paul McCartney of the Beatles," Joey said.

"Well, girls, I think you should let go of Mr. McCartney now and let him get to his plane." the officer said while grabbing Joey's arm.

"No, no, no. These four girls are with me." Paul explained. "Just help us get to our plane."

The officer looked at the four girls.

"How old are these young ladies?"

"We are all 18." Jody spoke up.

Joey, Jenny, Jana, and Paul all groaned. Now this was going to delay them even more. After showing their consent forms they were able to leave the men's room.

"Okay, let's go."

The security officers led the way to their gate and were safely aboard the plane now. Paul sat down next to Joey and squeezed her hand tight.

When they arrived at Heathrow Airport, a Bentley was there to drive them to their respective homes. Paul told Joey that right now he lived in a very modest flat, but hoped to buy a house in the near future. In fact, he had already found the one he wanted. It didn't matter much to Joey where she lived as long as she was with Paul. The more she got to know him, the more she loved him. He was so romantic, gentle and sexy which made her love him even more.

"I sure hope he feels the same way about me." she thought to herself.

She needn't worry Paul was already deeply in love with her.

Chapter Eight

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