Got to Get You Into My Life, Ch. 6 Chapter Six

Early the next morning, they were on their way to New York. All they heard on the limo radio were Beatle songs; they didn't mind that though. Joey always wondered what it would feel like to hear yourself singing on the radio. The boys said it was great! They got to New York at 11:00 am on Thursday. They were driven to the most plush hotel the girls had ever seen. There wasn't much to do in the room so they played dominoes to pass the time. The concert wasn't until the next night so they sat in one of the rooms talking and kidding around until the wee hours of the morning.

Friday night arrived and the most important concert of all was about to start. Joey could hardly wait for the night to come. At the concert hall Joey was having a hard time keeping up with her sister after having to fight the crowd fo frenzied girls. Joey grabbed Jenny's arm.

"Could you slow down some?" Joey asked.

"Sorry, Joey. Everyone is pushing and shoving so much. I hope I didn't hurt anybody back there." Jenny replied.

"Well, if you did I don't know if anybody would've noticed." Joey grinned.

"Hey, where's Neil?" Jana asked.

"I don't know," Jody answered her.

"I don't see him." Jenny said while scanning the crowd.

"Well, we got to find him.We can't get separated or we'll never get close to the boys again because of security." Joey said in a panicky voice.

They spent most of the concert trying to get security to contact Neil, but they refused. They had gotten separated from him before they could get backstage passes.

"What are we gonna do?" Jana asked.

"We've got to think of something." Jenny said. "I don't think our catering disguise would work again."

"We don't have time. The boys will be leaving the stage soon and on their way to the airport without us!" Joey exclaimed.

Jenny once again went to work on the security guards. They just wouldn't budge. Finally Jenny became upset and began raising her voice (she was shouting already and you know why) at the guard when Neil showed up behind him.

"Neil!" Jenny shouted. "Help us! The guards won't let us in."

"I've been looking all over for you." Neil said and led them backstage. "Now stay close to me and don't wander off. Joey, you stay right by me. I'd hate to have to tell Paul I lost you."

Jenny gave him a curious look.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Jenny asked.

"I'm just following instructions," Neil said holding both of his hands in front of him.

"Joey, I told you that Paul was in love with you." Jenny remarked.

"You better believe it. He hasn't stopped talking about you since the day he met you." Neil said grinning. "Of course, I don't blame him."

That remark made Joey blush and she bowed her head.

After the concert was over, they took a limosine to the airport. Six tickets to England and five tickets to Texas. Paul was going to go back to Texas with the girls to help them with packing and all the other things that they needed to do before leaving for England. The others made their way to the plane guarded by bodyguards and policemen. The boys turn to wave to the crowd of girls and they disappeared inside the plane.

"Hey, Paul. I don't thnk anybody noticed there were only three of you." Joey commented.

"Great! I wasn't missed at all." Paul said sarcastically.

"Well, put on your cap and sunglasses before someone doesn't miss you." Joey said.

With Paul flanked by two girls on each side, they walked out of the airport and headed home.

The next few days were a flurry of activity. The girls' belongings had to be packed and crated for shipping to England. They had to have passports and most of all written consents forms from their parents to be allowed out of the country. Paul was the overseer of what items should go and what items should stay. Then it was on to shopping again. There were a few things that the girls would need that they didn't have. Paul said that money was no object.

There was a shopping center close to their house so they went there first. As Paul got out of the car he donned his oversized hat and sunglasses so he wouldn't be recognized.

When they entered the store, they started walking down the aisle when Joey saw some girls she knew from college.

"Jenny, there's Nikki and her cronies Sarah and Debbie." Joey said.

"Hey, Paul, are you up to playing a joke on those girls?" Jenny asked.

"Why?" Paul asked.

"They were always teasing Joey about her crush on you. They said that you'd never ever like her." Jenny said. Paul raised his eyebrows at Joey and she blushed. Then his eyes lit up when he thought of a scheme. Grabbing Joey's hand he led her over to the jewelry department. He asked the lady behind the counter to see the wedding sets.

Joey's fingers were so small that nothing would fit, but they finally found one that did. He bought the set and slipped them on her finger and one on his.

They were ready.

"Hi, Jenny, hi Joey." Nikki cooed. Then she noticed the diamond on Joey's left hand.

"Joey, are you married?" she asked.

"Um...yeah." she smiled.

"I didn't even know you were engaged." Sarah said.

"Neither did I." Jenny teased.

"Well, who is it?" Debbie asked. "Do we know him?"

"Yeah, you know him." Joey said.

At that point, Paul took off his hat and glasses.

"Hi, I'm Joey's husband. James Paul McCartney."

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