Got to Get You Into My Life, Ch. 3 Chapter Three

The next night was the concert and the four girls were ready to go. They entered the arena and they started down the ramp to their seats. Over the railing about ten feet below them, there stood Paul McCartney! Joey grabbed Jenny's arm.

"Look!" she exclaimed, but it came out as a whisper.

"Hi, Paul," Jenny called out.

The awed state that Joey was in she never could have said anything to him. Paul looked up at Joey.

"Hi luv. How are ya, brown eyes?" he smiled and Joey felt her knees go weak again. Some more girls came up and when they saw Paul they began screaming and he returned to the dressing room. Joey was still looking over the rail until she noticed Jenny tugging on her arm.

"Will you come on. After that screaming fiasco he's not coming back out." Jenny said.

Then she noticed a worried look on Joey's face. "Jenny, what's wrong with me? I'm much too old for Paul McCartney to have this effect on me." Joey stated.

"God ,Joey, it's perfectly normal, he's so cute and so is Ringo." Jenny said, excitement creeping into her voice.

Joey thought to herself, I have to meet Paul. There wasn't much time left and she was getting desperate.

"We've got to come up with a plan to meet them or we'll blow our chance." Jana panicked.

Jenny looked around and noticed a door that said, "NO ADMITTANCE EMPLOYEES ONLY". Jenny touched Joey's arm and pointed to the sign. Jana and Jody turned to look too. Joey grinned at Jenny.

"Uh-oh, when Joey grins like that I know we're goning to do something crazy." Jana said.

They looked left and right and no one was in sight. The four girls slipped into the door and there was long hallway.

"What do we do now?" Jody asked.

"There's only one way to find out where it goes." Joey said.

"It's got to get us backstage. It's just got to." Jenny said.

They came to a stairwell and set of steps that went down. When they came to the end of the stairs there was another door. Jenny gently opened it and peeked out.

"It looks like we're at the loading docks. There are a couple of trucks, but I don't see anyone around." she said.

"Let's go! Jody exclaimed and started for the door. Joey grabbed her by the back of her shirt.

"She's gonna get us caught." Jana hissed.

"Let us run things and you just follow along." Joey told Jody.

"And use your head." Jana added pleadingly.

They stepped out of the door quietly , but they saw someone so they ducked behind some crates. Then the man walked away. Joey saw that one of the trucks was a uniform delivery service and the other was a catering service.

"I think I just figured out a way to get into the Beatles' dressing room." Joey said.

Jenny's eyes grew wide.

"How?" she asked.

"We get some uniforms to diguise ourselves and we push those carts of food into the dressing room." Joey explained her plan to the others.

Jenny got on the uniform truck and got uniforms big enough to fit over their clothes and Joey checked the carts to see if they had food on them. They were in luck because the carts were ready to be delivered. They had to hurry before the catering man came back. Soon all four girls were in uniform with their hair tucked up under the caps. Each girl took a cart and began their way back into the arena hallway. The dressing rooms were off to their right. They heard the screams fo the crowd. The Beatles had just stepped onto the stage. Then a man started walking toward them.

"Ah! Food!" the man exclaimed in a thick British accent.

He looked at Jenny and eyed her suspiciously. Then he glanced at the other three in the same manner. Joey saw that Jody was going to give them away if they didn't move soon. The man opened the door to the dressing room letting the girls go first. When Jody passed by, the man pulled the cap off her head and her long dark hair tumbled out. She shrieked causing the other three to turn around. Joey looked at Jenny, covered her eyes and groaned.

They had been caught!

Chapter Four

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